Megalomaniac is a monster band led by the incubus Anurla. The members of the band consist of Brahms, a vampire, Shelly, a composite monster, and N. Bomb, a mummy.



Currently WIP

The band logo is a giant red "X" with "Megalomaniac" written in the middle.


Currently WIP


The group was seen fully with the release of the Chance Item, Famestar Hero, which had the SDPlus (#81 Megalomaniac), it allows Gaians to equip the group individually. While rising to fame, they were also trying to save the world from alien invaders called the Vylons. In February 2011 with the release of the Love Charm II, Shelly is a challenging love interest, during this event the rest of the group has a silhouetted cameo. In October 2011 there was a musical showdown between them and a new group, ChromatiChaos, this happened during the release of the Famestar Masquerade.

During Valentine 2k12 a flash space was created and featured the band on a heart-shaped stage playing original music.

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Megalomaniac was challenged by ChromatiChaos when they were considered for a gig.

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  • The Famestar Hero revealed that Anurla can summon portals that lead to demonic dimensions. (see) Famestar Hero Fail.
  • The gif animation was a collaboration between Kichigai M, PRlSM, and Reapersun, based on the original design from o_8. (See) Tumblr: fyeahgaiaartists

Related itemsEdit

Chance Item
  • Famestar Hero Victory: Megalomanic → Famestar Hero
  • Famestar Masquerade: Megalomaniac Victory → Famestar Masquerade


  • 081 Megalomaniac → Famestar Hero



  • February 10, 2012 - Valentines 2012

Chance ItemEdit

  • June 22, 2010 - Famestar Hero
  • February 7, 2011 - Love Charm II (Shelly)
  • October 5, 2011 - Famestar Masquerade



Vday2k12 gif Megalomaniac
gif As depicted on Valentine's Day 2012
Gif megalomaniac
gif the band
FamestarMasquerade mm win
2011 Megalomaniac (chibi) presented in Famestar Masquerade
LoveCharmII lc2 she victory
2011 Love Charm II Victory
Famestar hero 02E
2010 Famestar Hero

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  • Listing {{{2}}} SDPlus #081 Megalomaniac

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