La Victoire also known as (the Cash Shop) was the first shop on Gaia Online that required Gaia Cash as its primary currency.

The shops directory description is: Exclusive premium items

The shops banner description is: La Victoire fine gifts



With the introduction of the La Victoire the premium item known as the Evolving Item was released.

Until May 2010, Flynn had been the shopkeeper of the La Victoire. This changed when the star twins, Mintaka and Rigel, arrived and sent her into space. It was later discovered that she became a space pirate.[1]

In August 2013 with the release of Starlight Redemption, the twins bid Gaians farewell and were then replaced by another set of star shopkeepers, Jet and Cygnus ; and they have been a part of the shop since.


Shop exterior

  • The shop currently has a light blue exterior.
  • There are seven long pane windows at the top.
  • The 'La Victoire' sight in the middle.
  • The shops display window shows a variety of items and a lineup of mannequins.

Inside perimeter

  • The shop simply sits on a tan walkway

Shop interior

  • This shop has no background interior.




  • 'La' in French means 'The' and Victoire means 'Victory'.
  • The location of the shop is unknown, it has been speculated to be Isle de Gambino due to the luxury based theme and the supposed sand ground outside the shop.
  • The La Victoire is the only shop to switch out the original shopkeeper.


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