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La Victoire is also known as the Cash Shop. It is run by Flynn, who sells high-quality merchandise for Gaia Cash, sometimes from distant lands, and mostly sold for a limited time only. But after Flynn mysteriously transported to outer space, she was replaced by twins Rigel and Mintaka. La Victoire isn't actually on the official World Map; its location is unknown. However, the sandy terrain surrounding its storefront suggests it may be located in the Isle de Gambino.

The Grand Opening for La Victoire was Fri Nov 02, 2007. There was an earlier attempt- Wed Oct 31, 2007, but there were glitches.


  • Evolving Item
  • Monthly Collectibles
  • Chance Items
  • Bundles
  • Celebrity Snare


  • Chess Sets
  • Bunny Hoodie
  • Item:Chicky Hoodie|Chicky Hoodie
  • Christian Siriano
  • Wedding
  • Abominable Scarf|Abominable Scarves
  • Item:Angelic Earmuffs|Angelic Earmuffs
  • Item:Demonic Earmuffs|Demonic Earmuffs
  • Magical Girl's Uniforms
  • Water Meat Set
  • Sexy Present (Valentines Day 2k9)
  • Cheery Cardinal
  • Powdy Pengy
  • Two Turtle Doves
  • Permafrost


  • Mask
  • Plushie
  • Eastern Zodiac
  • Sweetheart Teddy
  • Happy Birthday
  • Long-Stem Roses
  • Item:Heartstring|Heartstring
  • Item:Jack's Bat Clip|Jack's Bat Clip
  • Item:Tiny Pixie Wings|Tiny Pixie Wings
  • Cupid's Crown

Companions & AnimalsEdit

  • Item:My Friend Cupid|My Friend Cupid
  • Item:Grace of Aphrodite|Grace of Aphrodite
  • Item:Grace of Eros|Grace of Eros
  • Item:Wild Armor|Wild Armor
  • Fondue the Chocolate Bunny
  • Grace of Anteros
  • Sundae's Treat
  • Bailey
  • Fuseling
  • Gaia Gaia Party Time!

Misc & AccessoriesEdit

  • Giant Eggshell
  • Mood Bubble
  • Item:Let It Snow|Let It Snow
  • Item:Smashing Cities|Smashing Cities
  • Item:Pink Heart Chocolate Cake|Pink Heart Chocolate Cake
  • Atrum Egg
  • Albus Egg


  • Item:Skeleton|Skeleton
  • Dark Ice

External LinksEdit

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