[[File:contest_banner_2k1*monthdate.jpg|center]] {{Infobox/Contest | image = | image size = | name = Manga Cover Design Contest | announced = January 27, 20156 | deadline = February 16, 2015<br />(Promotion Period) | purpose = | prize = *here *{{Gold|00000}} | winner = <!-- [[Name of contest 2k1* Month#Winners|See below]] -->}} '''Manga Cover Design Contest''' is . It was announced [[January]] 27, [[2015]], with deadline date of [[February]] 16th, 2015. ==Promo== ==General information== Hello Gaians! For those of you who follow Gaia's amazing Manga, you know that the cover of each chapter features a fabulous piece of original artwork! (For those of you who don't follow the Manga, now is a good time to catch up!) This time around, the masterpiece could be yours! Draw up a cover using a few simple guidelines, and your entry might be featured in as the next chapter cover and immortalized in the Gaia Manga! The latest chapter will be entitled Dark Moon. Let that inspire you, and have fun! Prizes: One Grand Prize Winner will receive a February 2015 Chance Pass and have their artwork featured as the cover of Dark Moon. Four Runner-Up Winners will receive a February 2015 Chance Pass and have their artwork included in the manga as part of a special collection. Requirements: * Size must be 500px by 747px or larger at a 6:9 ratio. * Completely finished and colored (no Work in Progress entries will be accepted!) * Must contain the legible title "Dark Moon" Guidelines: * The artwork should be relevant to the current plot of the Manga to be considered for use as the cover. * Suggested themes: Kuro / Nyx, Gino, Durem, and moon imagery. Rules: * Entries will not be accepted any later than February 16th, 2015 at 11:59 AM PST. * One entry per person, please! * Please use this format for your entry to be considered: Username: Dark Moon Cover: Simply post your entry in this thread to enter! {{See also|Gaia Online official contest rules/supplementary|l1=Supplementary}} <!--==Winners== The winners were announced on Month Date, Year. # new items were added to the shops. * NAME of ITEM designed by * NAME of ITEM designed by * NAME of ITEM designed by The items are available for purchase in the [[Map:SHOP|]]. ← Optional text, removal editors choice. --> <!--==Gallery== <gallery hideaddbutton=true> Contest promo 2k1*monthdate contest name.jpg|Finalist of "contest name" Gs banner 2k1*monthdate shop.jpg‎|Month date Gs promo 2k1*monthdate shop.jpg‎| </gallery> --> ==External links== (Note: ''Page Disabled'' commonly happens with completed contests) * [ Landing page] Name of Contest {{Link-gaia|st|95709575|Community Contest: Dark Moon Manga Cover Design Contest!|admin Mon Jan 26, 2015 9:33 pm}} {{Link-pedia|cn|27 Join the Manga Cover Design Contest for glory and prizes!}} {{Link-pedia|id|Title|Name Date}}

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