Gaia Storyline Manga was introduced early April in 2005. They play a large role in site's Events, telling the plot and purpose of the Gaia NPC featured.



The first true manga was "April Fools '05", telling the events of Johnny K. Gambino going mad and building a tower which eventually collapsed and fell on the mansion occupying the Von Helson Sisters.


The original landing page had the comics featured to the left side and the archive to the right side, a reader could access previous comics by clicking a page number. The archive also featured the date the comic was published. When updated in 2013 the manga and comic became merged and the archive is now to the right while the illustrations are to the left. The comics are sorted in relation to one another and also by manga, while others are considered miscellaneous.


Main article: List of manga

In 2008 there were 12 manga, including 2 lost manga released, making it the year to have the most releases.


Ft 2k13apr25 Storyline Manga
Defunct April 2013 landing page

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