This is a list of quotes by Loyal.

Shop quotesEdit

[NPC] Loyal

  • Bienvenue, (Username)! I'm sure you'll find my merchandise most spectacular.
  • Life in the circus is my first love, of course, but I've decided to put my considerable talents to other use.
  • My power to shock and amaze never fails, non?
  • How did I create such beautiful items? Oh, (Username). A true magician never reveals his secrets...
  • Loyalty is an exceedingly rare quality, (Username). Our gratitude for your years of patronage is boundless.
  • Roguishly handsome? Who, me? Bien sur!
  • Come one, come all, to the greatest shop on Gaia!
  • Step right up, step right up, every item's a winner!
  • If you decide to enjoy the rest of the carnival, may I suggest avoiding the Meat on a Stick Shack? Trust me on this one.
  • If any of these items accidentally turn you invisible, remember that I take no responsibility for any unexpected side effects.
  • It's a little known fact that we ringmasters have a keen interest in fashion. How else are we to entertain the masses if not by looking fabulous?

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