Guild Owner  = [NPC] Loyal
Total Members  = 31,500+ as of April 2014
Total Posts  = 8,900+ As of April 2014
Entry Fee  = 0
Forum Type  = Hidden
Established on  = Mar 24 2014
Guild Account  = 49239766
Vice Captain  =  siskataya
Crew  = starzXnight, Jak Bauer, Zero Omega, and Sandokiri}}

The Loyal's Bazaar Guild is connected to the gold shop Loyal's Bazaar; those who have spent a certain number of active days on Gaia Online will be automatically accepted into the Guild. Users who achieve the requirements are sent a Private Message, by NPC:Loyal.


Welcome to the Bazaar! This is a hang-out guild for loyal Gaians! Pull up a chair and join the circus!


  • MC Recolor requests - Taking suggestions here!
  • Contests & Giveaways
  • New item suggestions - You never know what's possible!

External linksEdit

Guild Loyal's Bazaar Guild (private.)

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