A list of items from the Loyal's Bazaar.

  • Apr/23 Listing Ruffling Mars Plume - Price: 5000000000 Gold
  • Apr/27 Listing Vivid Golden Angelic Scarf - Price: 1000000000000 Gold
  • May/08 Listing Eminent Commander - Price: 10000000000 Gold
  • May/08 Listing Classy Military Formal - Price: 5000000000 Gold
  • May/08 Listing Army Military Formal - Price: 10000000000 Gold
  • May/08 Listing Victorious War Medals - Price: 100000000 Gold



  • Item:DJ Media Headphones
  • Item:Violet Devil Tail
  • Item:Peachy Scarf
  • Item:Taffy Mini Angel Wings
  • Item:Pink Sugar Mini Angel Wings
  • Item:Bubble Gum Mini Angel Wings
  • Item:Red Devil Tail
  • Item:House Fly Bug Friend

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