Love Triangle  ([luhv] [trahy-ang-guh l]) [1]

  1. a romantic relationship involving three people.


  • The most obvious love triangle in Gaia storyline plots are with Sasha, Ian, and Gino Gambino. It is revealed when Gino sees Sasha holding Ian's gift, the diamond seashell, in manga 11 Valentine's Day '06.
  • Before the Promageddon event, depicted in manga 22 Prom Drama, Timmy attempted to ask Dr. Singh to the prom, but she had been asked by Lance. Even though it was simply a friendly gesture on his part Timmy still got jealous.
  • Previously it would be Liam and his serial dating that would not be considered a love triangle as his relationships usually involved more than three girls at a time. However, his attractions have since settled on Sam, though it is the NPC:Von Helson Sisters] who say other wise, falling for Liam in manga 21 Gun Show.


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