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The Love Parfait is a dessert and valentine-theme set released on February 14, 2012

Love Parfait Bundle

Description: Contains a bundle with Sweetie Delight, Berry Mousse Royale, Tangy Citrus Deluxe, Kiwi Chocolate Creme and the exclusive Flavors de Alpaca.

Price: 999 Gaia Cash

Store: La Victoire (formerly)

Gender: Any

Date first appeared on Gaia: February 2012

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La VictoireEdit

  • Love Parfait Bundle
  • Flavors de Alpaca - A playful herd of alpacas in a variety of fruity flavors! (exclusive item)
  • Berry Mousse Royale - Wild blackberries and raspberries layered with white chocolate mousse, garnished with raspberry liqueur and cookies. Elegant indulgence~ (299 Gaia Cash)
  • Sweetie Delight - Sweet strawberry and creamy taro ice cream over poundcake cubes, topped with whipped cream and garnished with strawberry biscuit sticks and sprinkles! *U* (299 Gaia Cash)
  • Tangy Citrus Deluxe - Ripe tangerine and mango mixed with sweet pineapple, topped generously with whipped cream, chocolate drizzle, and a delicious flan pudding. Would you like a cherry on top? (299 Gaia Cash)
  • Kiwi Chocolate Creme - Fresh kiwi parfait made with rich custard cream, swirled together with a hint of sweet strawberry. Topped generously with chocolate shavings, swirled chocolate straw, and a fresh mint leaf garnish. Enjoy~! (299 Gaia Cash)

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Good day, Gaians! We've come to understand that your culture celebrates love and affection, but one day each year. How novel! In recognition of your special day, we've added some new items to the Cash Shop that you may find very sweet indeed!

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  • Rich and tart, the Berry Mousse Royale is a classic taste. Included are a pair of ruffled, high-waisted shorts, streaked hairstyle, elegant vest, gartered socks, and matching bejeweled loafers.
  • Sweet and fun just like the eclectic flavors of Sweetie Delight, this cute little getup comes with a lacy top, ruffled bloomers, adorable bi-colored hair, strawberry hairclip, and decorated high-tops!
  • Enjoy the bright flavors of the Tangy Citrus Deluxe parfait with this cute ensemble! Includes a frilly tiered skirt, matching corset with cuffs, flan pudding hat, orange ribbon bow shoes, and a cute hairstyle decorated with a waffle hairclip.
  • The smooth texture in the Kiwi Chocolate Creme lends itself to a stylish outfit made for the most discriminating connoisseur, complete with a two-toned spiked hairstyle, mint leaf accessory, high collared shirt-vest, striped slacks, and embroidered loafers.
  • Buy all of the above items in the Love Parfait Bundle and you'll receive an exclusive item-- the Flavors de Alpaca! This gentle herd of alpacas only want to make you smile! Savor all four flavors, or keep your head warm with a unique alpaca-shaped hat!

Also new today-- and sold separately-- our newest animated item: Astra XXXIX: Candlelight Embrace! Its warm lighting is sure to set the mood for a romantic dinner or a quiet retreat.

Come have an up-close look at the new goods, we think you'll find them to be quite lovely!

— NPC] Mintaka & Rigel

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