This is a list of quotes by Louie Von Helson

Shop quotesEdit

[NPC] Louie Von Helson

2012 Return of H&R Wesley
  • What's up, (Username)?
  • Hi, (Username). Looks pretty nice in here, huh?
  • Welcome to the new and improved H&R Wesley.
  • We're back in business and classier than ever.
  • We owe it all to everyone who helped rebuild. Everyone really stepped up.
  • No more bombs. I promise.
  • Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?
  • Feels good to be back in business.
  • We don't give in to bullies and thugs.
  • I hope Edmund likes the new look.
  • The shop is rebuilt, but we haven't seen the last of the Kuro Gang.
  • I'm not sure when Edmund will be back. He's off on some kind of important mission.
2012 H&R Wesley destroyed
  • It's a miracle nobody was hurt.
  • I've got a pretty good idea who's behind this.
  • Those cowards can't scare me, and they sure as hell can't scare Edmund.
  • Uh, feel free to browse around. Some items may be a little singed...
  • Amazing how much of the merchandise stayed intact.
  • I always thought Edmund was crazy for fireproofing the stockroom.
  • Oh, don't worry. This won't go unanswered.
  • If the Kuro Gang wants me, they can come get me.
  • Hope I can get this place cleaned up before Edmund gets back.
  • The other shopkeepers have been very helpful. Liam brought me a protein powder casserole.
  • I'm not sure when Edmund will be back. He's off on some kind of important mission.
2011 Johnny Gambino's death
  • Something's still bothering me about Mr. Gambino's murder. There's something... familiar.
  • I owe Edmund my life for looking after Ian.
  • Wish I had more time to hang out with Ian, but he's all the way over in Barton.
  • As long as Zhivago's still out there, I've gotta keep watching my back.
  • Whenever Johnny Gambino visits, he always gives me a dirty look. Get over it, old man.
  • Sure am glad to be out of the Von Helson manor. That place gave ME the creeps, and I'm a Von Helson!
  • Edmund's the coolest. He lets me stay at his place as long as I help out in the shop.
  • Being "king of the vampires" or whatever isn't as glamorous as it sounds. Mostly just insurance paperwork and union stuff.
  • No, I don't sparkle in the sunlight. Why do people keep asking me that? It's borderline racist.
  • I still see my sisters once in a while. They're not really so bad once you get to know them.
  • Bluh! I'm a vumpire! I vant to suck your bluhhd! Nah, just messing with you.
  • You like my shirt? Edmund said it was a little much, but c'mon, dude, I'm lord of the vampires!

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