Lottery, also known as, Lotto, is a Gaia Forums activity Gaians posting in a single thread. A lottery is defined as a gambling game or method of raising money and to distribute prizes by chance.[1]

Also known as 'lottos', lotteries on Gaia are created by its users for the purpose of distributing their wealth with the community, but only by chance through participating.


General usageEdit

Lotteries are typically run by a user who creates a thread and post rules on how to participate. This usually includes participants purchasing numbered "tickets" (not real items) or slots, then the host picks a random winner for the prize (often using Gaia's own Random Number Generator to ensure transparency). Lottery threads often also include other contests to encourage advertisements, such as bumping contests or page prizes.

Consequences explainedEdit

There are some pros and cons of lottery threads:


  • Easy to earn a large amount of gold, and or item prizes, with little effort.
  • A power position allows the host to decide how much to keep and how much to give away.
  • Encourages social interaction.


  • A host might bail out, scamming all the contributors.
  • Legitimacy of a lotto is questionable due to possible scamming by the host or obtaining illegal gold and items. This means there is a risk to ones account.
  • It takes time for all the tickets / slots to sell (requiring patience on both the host and contestants participating).

Gold Lotto featureEdit

Main article: Gold Lotto

Released in 2009 September, the Gaia Gold Lotto was an official version of a lottery involving Gaia Gold as the jackpot. This feature was created due to the many requests by Gaians who wanted to have a legit lottery with a small Gold Sink.

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