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Some members on Gaia Online create third party tools to help other Gaians enhance their experience at Gaia Online.


External linking means to link to any site outside of this domain, i.e is an external link.

The following should be followed if you plan to link here or via your user page:

  1. DO NOT post links to tools that break the TOS of Gaia Online.
  2. Links to supported, promoted, and popular unsupported fansites are permitted, provided that their primary use is not to externally link to another site.
  3. Sites containing any of the following are strictly NOT tolerated:
    1. Advertising of Gaia Online-related services, including world-trades, Gaia gold and items for real life cash exchange, and the like.
    2. Exploits, or downloads thereof. This including phishing sites, malware and, as a general rule of thumb, anything questionable. This restriction also applies to any embedded object on the page.
  4. Sites which are used to aid the wiki are tolerated, however they must also follow the rules above.
  5. Blog, video and fan- sites are allowed provided they do not breach the above guidelines.
  6. Generally, sites should not be linked with hope or expectation that people will follow the links. Thus there should be no reason to seem biased when linking to it.
Referenced from TibiaWiki:User Page Guidelines



DanTMan's Tools/Scripts

Still small although some of the current tools are useful. Most of the tools were intended as small additions for Firefox but a few good IE Tweaks are included as well. The first creation was the Signature Validator.

Gaia Tools & Simulators

A collection of multiple tools for GaiaOnline. Some tools require Firefox Browser.
Profile Archive, Uncrackable Password Generator, "The Fish List", Event Alerts, and Gaialerts. See User:Eternal Opium for details.


Signature Shoutbox

A Signature Shoutbox is a special system created by many gaians. It allows you to place a special image inside of your signature which displays a list of messages. A user can then click on the box and is directed to a page where they can then add a message to the box. It works kinda like a miniature chat system inside of your signature.

Shoutboxes can come in 3 ways: A system which you install into a free host, A shoutbox which is hosted by someone else, and shoutboxes which you can have hosted by buying them from a minishop.

Known Shoutbox Systems


Image Archives/Fansites/Other

Comic/Storyline Archives & Image Archive

The Gaiaonline History Archives project
Site contains all Gaia Online Manga and Mini Comics.
List only, images have been deleted from account and user is no longer on Gaia.
  • GAvSim (Gaia Avatar Simulator) (closed due to technical problems)
  • TekTek's Gaia Dream Avatar Creator (closed)
  • G.A.C. (Gaia Avatar Creator) (closed)

Gaia Fansite


It grabs on interval the latest posts across the site


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