This is a list of quotes by Liam

Shop quotesEdit

[NPC] Liam

2011 Johnny Gambino's death
  • Dude... have you seen Gino? I'm still not sure he knows...
2009 after "Save Our Shops" - The Jock Strap
  • Yo! (Username)
  • You're in the JOCK STRAP, baby! Yeah!
  • Think I'm gonna go hit the showers. You can never hit too many showers.
  • Think I'm gonna do some reps on my lutes and quabs later, then hit the weights and blast my triceratops.
  • Whew. Sweating a little. Just got back from the flexing cages at the ball park. Was flexing .760 today. Would have been higher, but this machine kept shooting baseballs at me.
  • Let me know if you see those creepy Von Helson Sisters hanging around... they've got this huge, awful crush on me.
  • If you hear a sound like a gunshot or a whip crack, don't be startled-- that's just me hitting a sixteen-point flex pose.
  • Yeah, I build robots. No big deal. I build robots all day, then I hit the gym, get oiled up and flex all night.
2005 Crate & Apparel
  • Yo! (Username)
  • I hear they have some fine looking ladies in Durem.
  • Bots are outlawed in GAIA. You didn't hear this from me but our town has a special deal with the government that allows them here.
  • Ian? Never heard of him.
  • I can take on any robot. If I can build them, I can destroy them.
  • I've never known my parents. I've been alone since I was 5 years old.
  • Heh, the New Year's ball sounds interesting.

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