This is a list of quotes by Lex.

Shop quotesEdit

[NPC] Lex

2005 Gold Mountain Casino
  • Welcome to Gold Mountain! To get started, buy some tokens at the token booth.
  • Where is that dang Edmund?
  • Ooooh yeah, superfly!
  • I might be addicted to gambling but seriously, I can quit any time!
  • I do Elvis on Tuesdays.
  • I don't know where Gambino is, I just work here o_O.
  • You shouldn't play too long, your luck will run out.
  • There's tons of security cameras so don't even try.
2014 Back Alley Bargains
  • Nicolae? I have no idea where he is. I found the cart under a tarp behind a supermarket.
  • Running this shop isn't a very classy gig, but it's a step up from greeter.
  • Gamble responsibly! But if you don't, at least it's good for business.
  • old Mountain's acquisition of this shop was 100% legal. Moral, no, but legal, oh yes.
  • I do Elvis on the last Tuesday of the month. People are just more into those flying circus acts, you know?
  • All this fresh air is making me nauseous.
  • Superfly~!
  • I don't think Nicolae's horse likes me very much. She keeps biting my butt. Very unprofessional.

Event quotesEdit


  • Oh, a carol! No one's ever sung one to me before!

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