Leak  n. (liːk) [1]

  1. a disclosure of secret, especially official, information, as to the news media, by an unnamed source.


The term is used on Gaia Online to reference information that was either unintentionally or intentionally became available to the public.



When items, events, or upcoming sponsors are found out, when they were meant to be hidden from the Gaian population. Leaks spread rapidly by image finds and Gaians adding unreleased items to their wishlist.


There are mixed reactions when it comes to leaks, in that some Gaians dislike leaks and avoid them or report them to Moderators, while others search for more and have no issues with it. Some fear that a leak would put things on hiatus, and at times there were accidental leaks with apologies for doing so.

And given that leaked information can be taken out-of-context, they can sometimes be worthy of mod or admin attention.

Notable leaksEdit


Leak mediakit 06 advertise splash

In 2004, there were leaked images from a media kit. It was a developing media kit that Gaia created to try and gain money for the site, since nearing 2005, more and more people were registering. But this leak brought an uproar to the Gaia Community.

Users criticized it and showed great dislike because they felt like there were being treated as advertisements.

Choco Cola was used as a mock model for the possibilities that could be done with sponsor items.


The Psionica was (and still is) an unreleased background based item from 2005, this item was seen worn by a Developer, and spread when Gaians saved it to their wishlist.

Contact LensesEdit

Dated for 2003, these contacts were found and spread when Gaians added them to their wishlist. They have since been released in 2009 as Assorted Contact Lens Set by opening the Aquarium Lucky Chest, which shows up randomly in the Aquarium or Header.

Many Gaians thought that this leak is what caused the contact lenses to not be released for such a long time. When it was likely due to the method of layering them on the Avatar base without issue.


Three pairs of headphones were found in 2006, and spread when Gaians added them to their wishlist. The items were: Class, Gold, and Orchid headphones. These headphones have since been released in 2009 by opening the Crystal Box, which come from select Gaia Cash Cards.


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