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The Labor Day Sale is a sale involving items that were previously stocked in the La Victoire and that can be purchasable using Gaia Cash.



499 C
  • Band of Bremen 4th Gen.
  • Custom Cut 4th Gen.
  • Masquerade 12th Gen.
  • Prince of Thieves
999 C
  • Flynn's Booty
1500 C
  • Princess Chimes
2500 C
  • Cutthroat Cook
3000 C / 2500 C
  • Princess Manner
5000 C
  • Whim Sea
  • Princess of the World
  • Tunnu the Bear
Club Verge
3000 C
  • Blush Flourish Wings
  • Melodious Cantala
5000 C
  • Fatnir the Dragon


  • August 29 - Announcement
  • August 03 - Sale begins
  • September 02 - Sale ends


See alsoEdit

  • Labor Day Sale/announcements

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