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The Labelmaker, or Label My Friends, was released June 12 2008. It allows the user to give their Gaia friends labels by choosing from a batch of pre-made, stereotypical avatars. The user can also use the feature to invite their friends to join Gaia whilst giving them a label. The avatar shows a speech bubble if it is hovered over.



A robust selection for the dudes...

  • Drama King: Your click and drag isn't enough to save me. I'm seriously dying over here.
  • Emo: You might be able to click and drag me but you don't seriously KNOW me.
  • Fugly: Dang, you fixin' to click and drag? Let me fetch my pryin' bar.
  • Hobo: Can I borrow a fiver for the bus before you click and drag.
  • Homie: Click me, drag me but not too hard or my pants will fall down.
  • Nerd: Click in the center before you drag and you will dramatically reduce the inefficiency of the trajectory.
  • Player: Check out my pythons while clicking and dragging me to your single friend.
  • Skank: My whole look is click and drag.
  • Skater: Argh, shouldn't have tried to bust that 720 over a cactus patch.


A little something for the ladies...

  • Drama Queen: If you don't click and drag me like NOW, I will literally like die!
  • Emo: I'm surprised you understand my burning need to be clicked and dragged.
  • Fashion Emergency: Just click and drag me to a friend so I can impart my keen sense of fashion on some lucky soul.
  • Retro: Click and drag me because I'm like hip to your totally awesome jive, for sure, tubular.
  • Homegirl: Yo yo, click and drag my fine self.
  • Nerd: By clicking and dragging me, you are increasing your friend's chances of getting into Harvard.
  • Princess: Click and drag me gently so you don't rumple the taffeta, you oaf.
  • Skank: I put the "ick" and "hag" in click and drag.
  • Rocker: I'll think about sharing my awesomeness if you click and drag me to your unworthy friend.
  • Skater: I like to skate so I'll get a date. Rad!

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