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The Kitten Star, also referred to as "Star Kitten", is a species of feline that comes from outer space. Debuting July 21, 2009 with the release of the Lonely Star, Chance Item, the first kitten was yellow and golden-eyed. The North Kitten Star, with its white fur and blue eyes, was released from the Super Prize 2009. The third Kitten Star named Jet, who made his first appearance in manga 44 Sparklicious and 45 Sparkletastic, in May 2010, was also released from a Chance Item called the Neon Core. The most recent, the Mochi Kitten Star was added as a recolor in Decmber 2013.


The Kitten Star's most notable feature is its pointed fur ends: two for the cheeks, one on top of the head, and two pointed ears. These create a five-pointed star appearance based on its namesake. They have large eyes which give a glassy appearance; short legs and a tail as long as its body length. Their fur is soft and come in a variety of colors, the most common colors being: golden, white, gray, and brown. Unlike the other Kitten Stars, Jet has a color of fur that is unique to himself, black with a hint of blue.

Jet has the ability to talk as clear as Rufus the Cat, stand on his hind legs and walk without discomfort. It is unknown if all Kitten Stars have Jet's ability to speak as well as walk, or if they remain in a kitten-like form throughout their lives.


The star, is a combination of their space origins and how stars are commonly portrayed, drawn with five-points and colored yellow or white. In accordance with its small body size and young facial features, kitten is an appropriate title due to its resemblance of a young domesticated feline.


The Kitten Star appears to be very affectionate toward anyone wanting to approach it. They also seem to enjoy one another's company and pile into groups to rest.


Kitten Stars have the ability to travel by leaping high and flying, leaving an illuminated trail in their wake and having the appearance of a shooting star in the night sky.


Kitten Star Items:

  • La Victoire
    • Plastic Lunchbox (Kitten Star)
    • Mochi Kitten Star
  • Mini Event
    • Sparkling Star Pin: Kitten Star → Gaia Thread: Show Your Support for Me and Hatsya!


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