Kachina is the name of a set of items based on parts of Native American mythology.

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  • Angwusnasomtaka Kachina Mask: Crow Mother, mother to all Kachinas, sees over the initiation of children and the beginning of the growing season. (5,280 Gold)
  • Eototo Kachina Mask: Eototo is the Kachina chief who controls the seasons. (2,640 Gold)
  • Kachina Clown Hat: A black and white striped hat worn by the boisterous kachina clown Koshari. (1,500 Gold)
  • Koyemsi Kachina Mask: The mud-heads appear in almost every Kachina ceremony, serving as clowns and announcers and interacting with the audience. (2,940 Gold)
  • Kwahu Kachina Mask: Kwahu is the great eagle, who appears at the kiva dances on nights in early spring. (4,800 Gold)
  • Nata-aska Kachina Mask: This terrible black ogre appears in the Powamuya (Bean Dance) and frightens naughty children. (3,900 Gold)
  • Talavai Kachina Mask: The morning singer appears in pairs on rooftops, waking the people with song. (5,040 Gold)

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