Juvie Camp aka Camp Juvie, was a camp that was in the Summer 2k9: Camp Chaos event. For this 2009 Summer event there were no winners.


Delinquency is no laughing matter, and Juvie Camp aims to set today's troubled youth on the straight and narrow through positive reinforcement and trust-building exercises.

Are you sure you want to join Juvie Camp? Once you pick a camp, you're there all summer.

Team Leader(s) Edit

For certain events, there is an NPC Rep.

  • Counselors for Juvie Camp - Edy and Moira

Notable prizes & Related itemsEdit

  • Juvie Camp Striped Hoodie - In recognition of your imaginative interpretation of the law, the legal system has awarded you this lovely hoodie.
  • Juvie Camp Plastic Spork Tool - A handy dandy tool made of durable plastic. Useful when you want to eat, pick your teeth, scratch your name into a crumbly wall, or dig your way to freedom!
  • Juvie Camp Shabby Beanie - 9 out of 10 delinquents agree this threadbare hat is perfect for chilly mornings in the exercise yard.
  • Camp Chaos Secret Stage Sash - This beautiful sash stands as a glowing record of your many summer camp accomplishments. Thankfully, it omits all of the shameful indignities you suffered.
  • Juvie Camp Most Wanted - Your wild ways have finally caught up with you.


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