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[[File:contest_banner_2k1*monthdate.jpg|center|500px]] {{Infobox/Contest | image = | image size = | name = Jet <3s Gaia Raffle 2k14 May | announced = [[May]] 7, [[2014]] | deadline = May 14, <br />(Promotion Period) | purpose = | prize = *here *{{Gold|00000}} | winner = <!-- [[Contest:Name of contest 2k1* Month#Winners|See below]] -->}} '''Jet <3s Gaia Raffle 2k14 May''' is . ==Promo== ==General information== Contest information, short version {{See also|Jet hearts Gaia Raffle Rules and FAQ|l1=Supplementary}} <!--==Winners== The winners were announced on Month Date, Year. # new items were added to the shops. * NAME of ITEM designed by * NAME of ITEM designed by * NAME of ITEM designed by The items are available for purchase in the [[Map:SHOP|]]. ← Optional text, removal editors choice. --> <!--==Gallery== <gallery hideaddbutton=true> Contest promo 2k1*monthdate contest name.jpg|Finalist of "contest name" Gs banner 2k1*monthdate shop.jpg‎|Month date Gs promo 2k1*monthdate shop.jpg‎| </gallery> --> ==External links== (Note: ''Page Disabled'' commonly happens with completed contests) * [ Landing page] Name of Contest {{Link-gaia|st|id|Title|Name Date}} full, official rules {{Dialog 01|avatar = |name = |title1 = {{Link-gaia|at|91967611|It's Time for the Jet <3s Gaia Raffle!|[NPC] Jet & Cygnus Wed May 07, 2014 8:42 pm}} |content1 = <!-- Second announcement |title2 = {{Link-gaia|at|id|Title|Name Date}} |content2 = -->}} [[Category:Contest]]

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