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All the text here is from the event, and copied verbatim from Gaia Online. This page shows the discussion of the Psionica.

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What is Psionica???

    Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2005 11:11 pm

I saw it in somebody's Wishlist... and added it to mine, cause it looks cool. But... What the bloody 'ell is it even???

    Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2005 11:12 pm

No idea, it's one of the items that was leaked during a glitch. It kind of looks like a wallpaper or floor fo your house.

I guess we just have to wait until the admins release it.

    Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2005 11:13 pm

I'm pretty sure it's a picture.

    Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2005 11:14 pm

Not sure, maybe it was customized to be there. Then, the person who created it made the html for it to have its own page or somthing.

    Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2005 11:14 pm

it's an unreleased item, and some of the admins have kindly asked that everyone remove it, and the other unreleased items, from their wishlists. if you want, though, you can just make the item not veiwable by the public..

    Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2005 11:15 pm

Hmmm... Well, I know that that person stole it from someone too! (I asked them, and that's what they told me. ) Meh. w/e.

[Person Man]
    Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2005 11:15 pm

I'm pretty sure nobody knows for sure what it is

It's one of those "items they might be working on" that VO has requested, in his journal, that users not discuss/show off in wishlists so that they're not spoiled for everyone

Stephen the great
    Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2005 11:48 pm

I'm pretty sure it's a picture.
no it a floor item cuz one of my friends (real life) found a data base of the "new" items and also there is others like the "single horn" and the contacts lenses""

Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2005 11:51 pm

I was under the impression that is was a bckground for your avi (All this talk that their coming out with some eventually, that's the first thing that popped into my mind!)

    Posted: Fri Dec 16, 2005 12:06 am

Its probably gonna be something for the Battle System. Thats all Ive heard so far.
Posted: Fri Dec 16, 2005 12:10 am

Ooooh I want one.

ariesboy571 aka CirqueDelFeu
    Posted: Fri Dec 16, 2005 1:42 am

Steve (and everyone else):

Psionica is an inventory item that I created during part of a research project that I undertook in order to test avatar transparency during avatar building; I was looking for a faster way to compile and save avatars. Unfortunately, as always happens, other projects intervened and I had to put the project aside. People saw my avatar equipped with Psionica, and added it to their wish lists.


One thing that you all should know is that when you equip Psionica to your avatar, it breaks your avatar so badly that you have to re-save three times in order to get everything back into the right order again...

Currently, there are no Psionica items in existence, and given the trouble they cause, probably should never be (kinda like real psionics, which is why I named it that -- half the stuff you pick up you shouldn't have, didn't wish you had, and it screws you up so badly you wish you hadn't)...

Hope that helps...

    Posted: Fri Dec 16, 2005 1:58 am

please change the name of this topic so that it stops attracting attention and ruining the surprise for other gaians

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