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Item Design Contest titled The Captain's Cap contest was announced March 2, 2010, and Gaians had 8 days to design a captains hat, all entries had to be received by 10:00 AM (Pacific Time) on March 10, 2010. The promo was: When adventure calls, no self-respecting airship captain is complete without a trusty hat. Grab hold of fame and fortune by sharing your designs for the most glorious and captainly of hats.

Cresento: AnnouncementEdit

Hah! So you think you have what it takes to be an airship captain? I'd laugh in your face if I wasn't floating so high above you in my majestic airship. It takes strength, cunning, amazing ingenuity, courage, and--most importantly--a magnificent hat to inspire the loyalty of your crew.

As it so happens, Gaia is offering quite the bounty to any would-be hat designers out there. Take a look at their challenge and share your designs. A few lucky winners will walk away with a hefty pile of Gold.

Design the Captain's Cap!

You'll need to act fast. The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, March 10th. Let's see what you've got!

Contest InfoEdit

Grand Prize:

Gaia Artists Create your item and 500,000 gold

Finalist Prize:

All finalists get 10,000 gold

Entry Fee:

250 gold per submission




The winners were announced on April 12, 2010. Four new items were added to the Gaia shops.

  • Dapper Captain's Hat (Overall winner) - designed by Emo Scratches
  • Cloud Captain's Helm-Hat (Second-place winner) - designed by BLooDSHoT
  • Batty Clockworks Cap (Third-place winner) - designed by IceistJinxx
  • Strange Captain's Hat (Staff pick) - designed by Longduck

The items are available for purchase in the Map:Barton Boutique.

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