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This is a Chance Item container.

Super Prize 2011

Ci icon SuperPrize2011

Super Prize 2011

Description: Open for a chance at one of 2011's past boxes, or a special exclusive item!

Price: 299 Cash

Store: La Victoire

Gender: Any

Date first appeared on Gaia: December 19, 2011

Actions: Marketplace Item Information Favicon-gaia

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How it's playedEdit

When a player purchases a Super Prize 2011, they can open the container to receive an item.

Items from Super Prize 2011Edit

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  • Listing SDPlus Special #003 Cowboy Ivan - A special SDPlus celebrating a year of random boxes! Only available through the Super Prize 2011.
  • Listing SDPlus Special #004 Wizard Ivan - A special SDPlus celebrating a year of random boxes! Only available through the Super Prize 2011.
  • Listing SDPlus Special #005 Ivan-kun - A special SDPlus celebrating a year of random boxes! Only available through the Super Prize 2011.
  • Listing SDPlus Special #006 Artist Ivan - A special SDPlus celebrating a year of random boxes! Only available through the Super Prize 2011.

Apparel and Accessories

  • Listing Mystical Mender - Menders are highly skilled in the art of magic. However, instead of using their power to hurt they help heal and protect their friends in battle.
  • Listing Virgil's Sinister Verdict - The poet scrawls in blood. Your horrifying contrapasso unravels in his text, and you are powerless to defy it.


  • Listing Siku the White Wolf - Siku lives above the arctic rim, her pure white coat warming her against the bitter cold and disguising her as she hunts. Her prey never sees her until the last moment - just two orbs of glacial ice in the snow.

Chance Item

  • Listing Bitter Frost - Tis the season when Jack Frost spreads his icy magic, transforming Gaia into a winter wonderland. But this year, the Sandman has teamed up with a sinister dragon named Fafnir to throw a wrench into the works: they intend to put all of Gaia to sleep for their own shady purposes!
  • Listing Lost Chapter - The Librarian is a masterful caretaker of the stacks, but he's got a short fuse when it comes to visitors and if you whisper one word out of line, he'll shove you into the pages of one of his books. To escape, you must find the legendary Lost Chapter.
  • Listing Love Charm II - Romance gets downright brutal sometimes, and some of its most vicious episodes play out in the dark, hazy battlefield of the dive bar. The Love Charm lets you try your luck at love amid a backdrop of sleazy barroom brawling-- will you walk away with a hot date or a fat lip?
  • Listing Crystal Overdrive - Rina and Kanoko have taken up the most aesthetically dangerous of hobbies: writing fan fiction. With your help, this enthusiastic duo might craft the most glorious fanfic epic in history… or they might commit the greatest literary atrocity the world has ever known!
  • Listing Arcana Break - The mysterious Cirque du Gothique has rolled into town once more, and this time they’re bringing a fateful guest. A fortuneteller named Velvetine has offered you a tarot reading, and your destiny lies in the cards…
  • Listing Eternal Rivals - Gaia is hosting a massive fighting tournament, and all of the world’s best fighters are invited to participate!
  • Listing Screen King - Ivan and Bibbles have invited you out to a midnight movie, but the price of admission includes a strange surprise: Ivan dozes off, and you find yourself pulled into his bizarre silver screen dreams! If you can guide him through a wild mishmash of movie genres, he'll become the Screen King-- and you'll be handsomely rewarded!
  • Listing Double Rainbow - Being the frugal man that he is, Ivan never turns down a coupon-- it's pretty much free money. Now he's got a coupon for a painting class and he wants you to join him. As you begin to paint, the Muses of Color visit you, each with their own unique gifts. You might even see the famed Double Rainbow, winning twice the colorful loot!
  • Listing Valefor Academy - Welcome to Valefor Academy, a prestigious institution for sorcerers and magical beings. Here, you'll be instructed in the arcane arts, including Alchemy, Dueling, Dark Magic and Dwarven Brewing. There's no telling what strange challenges your professors will throw at you, but if you apply yourself and get good marks, you'll be handsomely rewarded.
  • Listing Neverland - Let your imagination soar with Mary, Peter, Tink and the Lost Boys as they brave Hook's machinations. Keep turning the pages to see them to a happy ending!
  • Listing Famestar Masquerade - The Halloween Masquerade needs a house band, and Anurla's group Megalomaniac is being considered for the gig-- but only if they thwart a new upstart band that's threatening to challenge their pop supremacy. There's only one solution: a musical showdown!
  • Listing Guardian Totem - When you touch the Guardian Totem, the formless spirit trapped within will gaze deep into your soul. As it takes stock of your strengths and instincts, it will take the form of your spirit animal, a powerful guardian that will guide you through life... and bless you with amazing gifts!

Additional infoEdit


  • The Super Prize 2011 does not feature any original or recurring character. It is an end of the year Chance Item.
  • SDPlus #006 Artist Ivan has a pose that shows Ivan has painted a portrait of Mr. Bibbles, his Persian cat.
  • Mystical Mender is a recolor of the Magical Mender released from the LeXBox, the Virgil's Sinister Verdict is a recolor of the Dante's Divine Verdict released from the Hell Prison, and Siku the White Wolf is similar to Lobo the Gray Wolf also from the Hell Prison CI.

Trivia about itemsEdit

The item named:

Related itemsEdit

Listing Super Prize 2011 Bundle (9 pack) - Includes 9 Super Prizes 2011, giving you 9 chances to win great items.



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