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This is a Chance Item container.

Super Prize 2010

Ci icon SuperPrize2010

Super Prize 2010

Description: Open for a chance at one of 2010's past boxes, or a special exclusive item!

Price: 299 Cash

Store: La Victoire

Gender: Any

Date first appeared on Gaia: December 24, 2010

Actions: Marketplace Item Information Favicon-gaia

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How it's playedEdit

When a player purchases a Super Prize 2010, they can open the container to receive an item.

Items from Super Prize 2010Edit

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  • Listing SDPlus Special#002 Devil Ivan - A special SDPlus celebrating a year of random boxes! Only available through the Super Prize 2010.


  • Listing Princess Chimes - Do you know where royalty can buy more bells? They help to power up my special moves.
  • Listing Shinjuku Nobody - Sea salt ice cream and friends. What more could anybody want?


  • Listing Cookie Boots - Cookie Boots enjoys salmon sashimi, empty paper bags, and sketch comedy shows.

Chance Item

  • Listing Snow Apple - The Snow Apple is a rare fruit, a green sour apple which, if touched by a winter frost, becomes sweet and rosy. They say that the core contains treasures, and eating the blushing fruit will fill your head with visions...
  • Listing Neon Core - Flynn has established herself as a notorious space pirate captain! Aboard her ship, the Neon Core, she travels the galaxy seeking out fortune in the depths of space.

Additional infoEdit


  • The Super Prize 2010 does not feature any original or recurring character. It is an end of the year Chance Item.
  • Announced by Ivan. The SDPlus for this is based on his appearance from the Hell Prison CI. (see) Hell Prison, GRS Accountant
  • Cookie Boots, is similar to Mr. Bibbles, who was released from Dark Reflection. The Shinjuku Nobody is a recolor of the Shibuya Nobody released from the LeXBox, and the Princess Chimes is a recolor of the Lady Chimes released from Code Alpha.

Related itemsEdit

  • Listing Super Prize 2010 Bundle (9 pack) - Includes 9 Super Prizes, giving you 9 chances to win great items.



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