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Snow Apple - One bite of the Snow Apple will fill your eyes with fairytale visions: you'll be whisked away to a time long ago, when an icy queen gazed into an enchanted mirror for a constant ego-boost; as long as she was still the fairest in the land, she was content. But one day, a beautiful young servant named Snow White challenged the queen's beauty, and things began to take a grim turn...

A Magical Tale - The Snow apple will guide you through a waking dream. You can forfeit early for sure shot at a great item, or press on for an even more amazing reward.

Legendary Prizes - No matter how deep into the story you get, you'll walk away with a great prize: valuable items, Cash Shop favorites, and an amazing selection of brand-new exclusives:

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  • The tale combined the story of Snow White and The Snow Queen.
  • This Chance Item was advertised throughout the Christmas 2k9 event. It was also the first to have a themed header, accompanied with a moving gif, this type of presentation would later be seen with CIs of 2010 and onward.

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Due to many of the items being quite obvious in origin, only a few are listed for this section.

  • Frigid Sprite, is based on the fairy, Navi, from The Legend of Zelda games, the description contains a phrase she repeated to Players.
  • Sweet Porridge, is based on Goldilocks; in 2010 an SDPlus spin-off was created and released from the Wrath of Gaia CI. The Sweet Porridge has been a popular recolor released with other CIs.
  • SDPlus #070 Prince Orin, is based on the character from the Orindae EI.
  • SDPlus #071 Orinkage, is based on the companion item Orinkage Hurricane!. It is a spin-off of Prince Orin and it parodies the series Naruto.
  • SDPlus #112 Aphrodite / #113 Eros / #114 Anteros, are based on Greek gods of love, beauty, and sexuality. The dolls are a spin-off of companion items released in 2009: "Grace of Aphrodite", "Grace of Anteros", "Grace of Eros".
  • SDPlus #151 Cowsanta, is based on the event when Santa was a cow got caught in some powerlines and their mentality (or brains) switched bodies. This was caused by Zurgs who simply wanted to have fun with the cow.
  • SDPlus #163 Jaws, is based on the merman from the Garden of Venus flash space.

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