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This is a Chance Item container.

Snow Apple

Description: The Snow Apple is a rare fruit, a green sour apple which, if touched by a winter frost, becomes sweet and rosy. They say that the core contains treasures, and eating the blushing fruit will fill your head with visions...

Price: 149 Cash

Store: La Victoire

Gender: Any

Date first appeared on Gaia: December 18, 2009

Actions: Marketplace Item Information Favicon-gaia

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Landing pageEdit

Snow Apple

One bite of the Snow Apple will fill your eyes with fairytale visions: you'll be whisked away to a time long ago, when an icy queen gazed into an enchanted mirror for a constant ego-boost; as long as she was still the fairest in the land, she was content. But one day, a beautiful young servant named Snow White challenged the queen's beauty, and things began to take a grim turn...

A Magical Tale

The Snow apple will guide you through a waking dream. You can forfeit early for sure shot at a great item, or press on for an even more amazing reward.

Legendary Prizes

No matter how deep into the story you get, you'll walk away with a great prize: valuable items, Cash Shop favorites, and an amazing selection of brand-new exclusives:

How it's playedEdit

When a player purchases a Snow Apple, they can open the container to receive an item. They would follow the story of Snow White by clicking "Begin" and as they continue there would be a Chapter; the option to "Forfeit" or "Continue" is presented.

When a player chooses to stop playing they'd receive a random item, depending on the chapter. If they continue they would have the chance to continue to the next level and possibly the ending and getting a really good item or failing and getting a bad item.

Items from Snow AppleEdit


  • Listing SDPlus #070 Prince Orin - Mostly prince, but still a little froggy.
  • Listing SDPlus #071 Orinkage - A pun too far.
  • Listing SDPlus #112 Aphrodite - The goddess of ultimate love.
  • Listing SDPlus #113 Eros - The little godling of love.
  • Listing SDPlus #114 Anteros - Little brother of Eros and god of unrequited love.
  • Listing SDPlus #132 Snow White - Heroine of the Snow Apple.
  • Listing SDPlus #133 Les Cannon - Survivalist and adventurer!
  • Listing SDPlus #150 Santa - Ho ho ho!
  • Listing SDPlus #151 Cowsanta - Moo moo moo!
  • Listing SDPlus #152 Mrs Claus - Usually the real savior of Christmas.
  • Listing SDPlus #163 Jaws - This cute little merman acts sweet, but watch those teeth!

Apparel and Accessories

  • Listing Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy - Flutter through the frosty (and delicious) Kingdom of Sweets.
  • Listing Donkeyskin - Dresses made of sky, moon, sun, and... donkeyskin?
  • Listing Legend of the Astro Logger - There was once a logger who fell iron hard trees on the moon of Mino Sotah with a fierce rocket ax and a small but powerful blue cybox.
  • Listing Little Match Girl - Poor little child selling match sticks in the dead of winter. How depressing is that? :(
  • Listing Lord Wilhelm - Lord Wilhelm will tell you he's an excellent shot against an apple as he had designed all his equipment himself and it was calibrated to perfection.
  • Listing Nutcracker Prince - A dreamlike figure bursts into life, ready to defend against any threat - especially mice.
  • Listing Prince of Thieves - Do not forget the magic words that let you out of your cave of treasures.
  • Listing Rapunzel's Braided Hair (Blonde) - Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair.
  • Listing Sherwood Outlaw - Stealing from the rich, giving to the poor.
  • Listing Sweet Porridge - Oh hai~! Let's go out and have a picnic. I'm sure I can find something just right ^_~
  • Listing Warrior of the North - Legend speaks of a warrior from the north who fought to earn much glory for himself with the ferocity of a bear with the cunning of a wolf.


  • Listing Frigid Sprite - Hey! Listen!
  • Listing Winterland Snowball - Making snowball accessories is a favorite tradition in Barton that the locals enjoy every winter.
  • Listing Winterland Snowflake - Making snowflake accessories is a favorite tradition in Barton that the locals enjoy every winter.
  • Listing Wish Upon a Star - If you happen to catch a falling star make sure it's kept in a secure place for a day with less than favorable weather.

Accessories Misc

  • Listing Icarus' Fall - The hero who gets too close to the sun shall have his wax wings plucked and be dropped to the earth.
  • Listing Magic Mirror - "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who in the land is fairest of all?"
  • Listing Thimble's Tea Party - Though I may be no bigger than your thumb, I can have just as much fun!


  • Listing Big Book of Fairytales - This book certainly is very big and old looking. It must be important.
  • Listing Big Book of Legends - This book certainly is very big and old looking. It must be important.
  • Listing Big Book of Myths - This book certainly is very big and old looking. It must be important.


  • Listing Dédé the Husky - The little brother from the sled dog team somehow decided to follow you home. He loves you the most and now you are his only master.
  • Listing Golden Goose - These eggs sell for a small fortune but I wonder how they taste.
  • Listing Nihonzaru - During the cold winters in Japan, this monkey loves to spend most of its time in hot springs.
  • Listing Puss in Kamik - In exchange for a pair of boots, this clever little feline will make all your dreams come true.
  • Listing Song of the Nightingale - His song moves even Death.

Additional infoEdit


  • The Snow Apple features Gaia NPC: Snow White, Les Cannon, and the Snow Queen. There are Seven sled dogs, a White bear and a Yeti. This CI held a strong Fairytale and Folklore theme. See also: Chance Item NPC.
  • The tale combined the story of Snow White and The Snow Queen.
  • This Chance Item was advertised throughout the Christmas 2k9 event. It was also the first to have a themed header, accompanied with a moving gif, this type of presentation would later be seen with CIs of 2010 and onward.

Trivia about itemsEdit

Due to many of the items being quite obvious in origin, only a few are listed for this section.

The item named:

  • Frigid Sprite, is based on the fairy, Navi, from The Legend of Zelda games, the description contains a phrase she repeated to Players.
  • Sweet Porridge, is based on Goldilocks; in 2010 an SDPlus spin-off was created and released from the Wrath of Gaia CI. The Sweet Porridge has been a popular recolor released with other CIs.
  • SDPlus #070 Prince Orin, is based on the character from the Orindae EI.
  • SDPlus #071 Orinkage, is based on the companion item Orinkage Hurricane!. It is a spin-off of Prince Orin and it parodies the series Naruto.
  • SDPlus #112 Aphrodite / #113 Eros / #114 Anteros, are based on Greek gods of love, beauty, and sexuality. The dolls are a spin-off of companion items released in 2009: "Grace of Aphrodite", "Grace of Anteros", "Grace of Eros".
  • SDPlus #151 Cowsanta, is based on the event when Santa was a cow got caught in some powerlines and their mentality (or brains) switched bodies. This was caused by Zurgs who simply wanted to have fun with the cow.
  • SDPlus #163 Jaws, is based on the merman from the Garden of Venus flash space.

Related itemsEdit



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