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Perfect Tragedy - William, an ambitious young actor and playwright, yearns to craft the ultimate work of drama. There's just one problem: William has a tendency to borrow rather liberally from famous shows, swiping bits of opera, Broadway, ballet and the Bard. Can you guide our hero from the page to the stage to critical raves without theft being exposed?

Hot Thespian Action - Guide William through six exciting acts of epic drama. The further you push it, the greater your chance of claiming an incredible item.

Critically Acclaimed Rewards - Each Perfect Tragedy will end in a fantastic item: it might be a Cash Shop favorite, a valuable rarity or one of these exciting new exclusives.

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  • The Perfect Tragedy mentions Gaia NPC:

Main article: Chance Item NPC

  • The CI had a theater theme.

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  • Black Swan, can be seen as a counterpart to the Swan Dress seen in the Noel's Gift EI, and is inspired by Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake.
  • Cerynitian's Blessing, is based on Blessing's found in the Emerald Seed CI.
  • Commedia, is based on Italian clowns seen in the 1800's, such as Pagliacci, as well as the Italian Theatre form Commedia del Arte.
  • Court of the Elf Queen, is likely influenced by William Shakespeare's Titania from the "A Midsummer Night's Dream" play.
  • Erik's Masquerade. is based on the outfit worn by the Phantom of the Opera (whose name in Gaston Leroux's novel off of which the musical is based is Erik) in the Masquerade scene.
  • FELINES, is based on the Broadway musical "CATS".
  • Grand Drape, is based on curtain poses seen in the Reve Rouille EI.
  • Hyde's Bloodlust and Jekyll's Morality, were based on Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, an 1886 novella by Robert Louis Stevenson and the Broadway musical 'Jekyll and Hyde'.
  • Peter Pan, is based on Peter Pan, a character created by Scottish novelist and playwright J. M. Barrie, also a musical.
  • Rotten State of the Mark, is based on William Shakespeare's play Hamlet.
  • Witchy, is a tribute to the Broadway musical Wicked.
  • The Wretched, is based on Les Misérables, the book by Victor Hugo that was turned into a Broadway musical.
  • SDPlus #015 Cindy Donovinh, contains her news partner Mike.
  • SDPlus #156 Mintaka / #157 Rigel, is the first sign of the Orion Twins Mintaka and Rigel, who would later debut in May.

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