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Neon Core - Despite her unceremonious exile into space. Flynn has been doing just fine: she's established herself as a notorious space pirate captain! Aboard her ship, the Neon Core, she travels the galaxy, seeking out fortune in the depths of space...

The Flynnal Frontier - Help Flynn explore uncharted sectors-- the further you push the Neon Core into the starry yonder, the greater your loot!

A Universe Of Prizes - No matter where you journey takes you, you'll walk away with an amazing treasure. It could be a Cash Shop favorite, a valuable rarity or one of these dazzling new exclusives!

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SDPlus Real

  • Listing SDPlus Real S35 Brunosmad Doll
  • Listing SDPlus Real S36 boxcarsocial Doll
  • Listing SDPlus Real S37 Panagrammic Doll
  • Listing SDPlus Real S38 wentropy Doll
  • Listing SDPlus Real S39 ania1899 Doll

Companion and Fauna

Apparel and Accessories


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  • This is Flynn's first appearance with a CI, it ties into the events that happened with the arrival of Mintaka and Rigel in May 2010. With both twins taking over the La Victoire, Flynn was ejected into space and apparently was stranded on Mars.
  • This CI holds the second largest number of SDPlus releases, nineteen total. The first largest was with the Midsummer Swirl and the third is the Love Charm.

Referenced itemsEdit

  • Aeroglider, is based on the gliders seen in the Disney aimated film Treasure Planet.
  • Air Raider, is based possibly based on Strike Witches, see also Baka-Tsuki: Strike Witches.
  • Blaze Clusters, is based on the minerals found in the Starcraft II video game.
  • Commander Garbolt, is based on Captain Harlock.
  • Cybertronic Layer, is based on the manga/anime show Angelic Layer.
  • G-Can, is based on Rockman aka Mega Man.
  • Golden Decobot, is based on Maschinenmensch the robot from the film Metropolis.
  • Interstellar Astronaut, is based on the attire worn by Nono from the anime series Diebuster.
  • Interstellar Bounty, is based on the attire worn by Spike from the anime series Cowboy Bebop.
  • Neon Simulater, is based on the suits worn in TRON.
  • Overlander Duster, is based attire worn by the Browncoats from the series Firefly.
  • Protostar Guardian, is based on the design of outfits seen in the video game Phantasy Star Universe.
  • Space Companion, is based on Soniti from the video game Phantasy Star Online.
  • Space Channel Gaia Beta, is based on the rhythm video game Space Channel 5.
  • TDHP Device, is based on the video game Portal.
  • Technicolour Time Traveler / The Dandy Time Traveler / Jolly Time Traveler, is based on attire and devices seen in the Doctor Who series.
  • Techno Head, is based on Daft Punk's from their Homework era.
  • Zorya, contains a description from a Florence and the Machines song called Cosmic Love.
  • SDPlus Starbabies Biv / Starbabies Roy G., are spin-offs based on the Starbabies' item from the Lonely Star CI.
  • SDPlus #245 Aoife, is based on Gene Starwind from the manga/anime show Outlaw Star.
  • SDPlus #242 Michael J. Drink, is based on Michael J. Drink, the grave digger from the Halloween 2010 event.
  • SDPlus #244 King Kink, is based on the character from the Nartian Rock EI.
  • SDPlus #247 Blender, is based on Bender from the animated series Futurama.
  • SDPlus #250 Drone, is based on the Hydralisk from the video game StarCraft.

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