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This is a Chance Item container.

Impractical Gala

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Impractical Gala

Description: Join Brennivin as he accepts the invitation to the wizard's ball and meets wizards from other times in the ultimate inspirational trip!

Price: 149 Cash

Store: La Victoire

Gender: Any

Date first appeared on Gaia: January 9, 2013

Actions: Marketplace Item Information Favicon-gaia

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Landing pageEdit

Impractical Gala

Brennivin has received a party invite that glows with a mysterious energy. It's an exclusive invitation to the wizard's ball, but the other guests are a bit unusual--they're traveling in from across time! The idea of hobnobbing with guests from other time periods promises to be a huge inspiration for his clothing line... but will you help Brennivin get up the nerve to actually go?

Paradoxical Prizes

Join Brennivin as he accepts the invitation to the wizard's ball and meets wizards from other times in the ultimate inspirational trip!

Treasure in Time

Regardless of who you end up meeting, you'll receive something great! It could be a Cash Shop favorite, a valuable item, or a fantastic new exclusive!

But that's not all - if you're lucky, you could get brand new, super-secret exclusive items not pictured here!

How it's playedEdit

Eeh...Not that I'm greedy or anything, but shouldn't there be more to this?

When a player purchases a Impractical Gala, they can open the container to receive an item. They ... detailed Information about this item is unknown; if played please edit page

Items from Impractical GalaEdit


  • Listing SDPlus #198 Auldivin the Stonehand - Auldivin, Brennivin's father, is one of the most powerful, respected wizards. He has a tendency to turn his son into objects and small creatures to discipline him.
  • Listing SDPlus #421 Hesperis - A beauty from an ancient race of imps.
  • Listing SDPlus #422 Sir Ashby Sacheverell II - A Dapper gent, that's one with nature.
  • Listing SDPlus #423 Lady Evangeline - FOR THE HORDE!
  • Listing SDPlus #424 Renard - My music will captivate you...
  • Listing SDPlus #425 Dyrfinna the All-Wise - My spells will freeze you in your tracks!
  • Listing SDPlus #426 Fedir - Gotta get back in time!
  • Listing SDPlus #427 Jinjing - +hoards all the shrimp cocktails+
  • Listing SDPlus #428 Lucille-Eve - twenty three skidoo~
  • Listing SDPlus #429 Virgil Rosenthal - My eyes have seen the world in conflict...
  • Listing SDPlus #430 Joey Fuschia - She wore a cranberry beret-- Bunai82 (talk)

Apparel and Accessories

  • Listing Brilliant Dynasty - Ooh -- is that shrimp you've got??
  • Listing Civil Northern Soldier - He fought admirably in a time of civil turmoil, to save his country from itself.
  • Listing Civil Southern Soldier - He fought bravely in a time of civil unrest, to save his country from itself.
  • Listing Colonial Beau - Soldier so cold of heart. / My lover, my beau.
  • Listing Colonial Gallant - Soldier so warm of heart. / My lover, my gallant.
  • Listing Concerto Conjurer - There is more than one way to call forth music~
  • Listing Corral de la moreria - Clap and stomp! Don't let your feet get in the way!
  • Listing Cyrus Achaemenid - In hoc signo vinces!
  • Listing Dame Lucille-Eva - Just a simple girl looking for a good time and a bit of moonshine.
  • Listing Dyrfinna the All-Wise - My cloak? Had to take it off, a girl spilled cocktail sauce all over it...
  • Listing Empress of the Napoleonic Empire - Greater than just an Empress, she is a conqueror!
  • Listing Fedir's Advance - You can advance.
  • Listing Froufrou Francé - Scandalously frilly in true rococo fashion, oh la la~!!
  • Listing Gentleman of Verona - “My bounty is as boundless as the sea, / My love as deep; the more I give to thee, / The more I have, for both are infinite.”
  • Listing Grand Victorian - A lady should be quiet in her manners, natural and unassuming in her language, careful to wound no one's feelings, but giving generously and freely from the treasures of her pure mind to her friends.
  • Listing Lady Evangeline - Most beautiful maid of heaven, how brilliant is your light. Praise be to him for sending you here to show us how to fight.
  • Listing Lavender Sonata - Ah, what a sweet, delicate melody~
  • Listing Luxurious Elizabeth - Oh Gloriana! Such elaborately stylized clothing must cost a pretty penny. Is all that heavy velvet draped upon your body worth the trouble just to stay fashionable?
  • Listing Rake of the Sea - Possessing both charm and grace has garnered him attention from plenty of women who took it upon themselves to reform his seafaring ways.

None have succeeded, for conquest of his heart is impossible when the open sea beckons so alluringly.}}

  • Listing Saber Feidae - I only dance to Rock and Roll! The other beats shale in comparison.
  • Listing Savvy Sixties - And one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you.
  • Listing Stellar Sixties - Are you ready boots? Try to walk.
  • Listing Sweet Sixties - These boots are made for walking. And that's just what they'll do.
  • Listing Sir Ashby Sacheverell II - Looking dapper my friend!
  • Listing Timehole Traveler - Traveling and learning all the timey-whimy things.
  • Listing Virgil Rosenthal - Step on his cape and bruised toes will be the least of your problems.
  • Listing Witch's Regal Revelry - A magical outfit for a magical night.
  • Listing Wizard's Regal Revelry - Even wizards have to match their prom dates.


  • Listing Chronocessories - I do say, fancy a tiny spruce up to pass the time?
  • Listing Flowery Finery - You'll be overdressed in flowery accessories, but you'll smell wonderful too.
  • Listing Imperial Han - All the accoutrements of royalty.
  • Listing Medieval King of Stags - I guess you could say this king goes to the ball... stag.
  • Listing Turkish Raqs Sharqi - Okay so these hips may lie, but they'll give you a good time.

Accessories Misc

  • Listing Hellenistic Imperialism - Remember upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all.


  • Listing Fanciful Hors'doeurves - You know you are at a posh party when nothing larger than your hand is served and all on sticks.
  • Listing Magical Invitation - A lone letter that materialized out of nowhere. It appears to be magic laced.
  • Listing Silver-Gilt Punch Bowl - What's a party without some punch?!


  • Listing Fiametta the Phoenix - Belonging to a unique species of phoenix, Fiametta stays awake all hours of the night, her luminous feathers shedding light on the ancient tomes of a magical library. You might say she's a bit of a night owl~!


  • Listing Edo Ukiyoe - Living only for the moment, turning our full attention to the pleasures of the moon, the snow, the cherry blossoms and the maple leaves....
  • Listing Enchanting Orchestra - Do you imagine there's an orchestra in your heart, music heard only by you?
  • Listing Exquisite Hor D'oeuvres Table - This is where you'll find me at every party. Stuffing my face with cheese.
  • Listing Time Laspe Gala - Welcome to the Gala. May your time here be well spent.

Additional infoEdit

Eeh...Not that I'm greedy or anything, but shouldn't there be more to this?


  • The Impractical Gala features Gaia NPC: Brennivin and following wizards: Dyrfinna the All-Wise, Fedir, Hesperis, Jinjing, Joey Fuschia, Lady Evangeline, Lucille-Eve (Miss Moxie) Renard, Sir Ashby Sacheverell II, Virgil Rosenthal. And also Auldivin the Stonehand Brennivin's father. See also: Chance Item NPC.

Trivia about itemsEdit

The item named:

  • Sweet SixtiesSavvy Sixties, and Stellar Sixties feature descriptions references These Boots Are Made For Walkin' by Nancy Sinatra.

Related itemsEdit



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