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Level Up -

75% Chance to Level Up - If Level Up fails, you still get: 5,000 gold

60% Chance to Level Up - If Level Up fails, you still get: 7,000 gold

40% Chance to Level Up - If Level Up fails, you still get: 12,000 gold

25% Chance to Level Up - If Level Up fails, you still get the new rare item: Oni

Fantastic Prizes! - The Fortune Egg is packed with rare and valuable stuff, plus a bunch of brand-new exclusives. The best items are only in the 4th and 5th stages, so keep trying your luck! Get a load of these provocative samples:

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Companion and Fauna

Apparel and Accessories



  • Listing Mythrill Coin (2,000,000 Gold)
  • Listing Mythrill Coin (5,000,000 Gold)
  • Fail Coin - Oh no! Your incubation was unsuccessful, but you found a valuable prize inside the egg... This can be sold to any shop for # Gold


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This is the first (and only) Chance Item to give Gaians a chance to win Bunny or Chicky Slippers, though winning results in the slippers being soulbound, meaning it can not be sold or traded to other Users. The Oni Set (a set of clothing, handhelds and companions) could only be obtained if an egg failed to incubate to a Level 5. In addition to owning an Oni Set, the item was also soulbound to the player and only way to sell it was to the Shops at the sellback price of 13,000 Gold. For a time both items were considered controversial due to the inability to sell, buy, or trade the them, and since the slippers are the first true event item (dating back to 2003), Gaians considered the rarity of the slippers valuable on a personal level.

The reasons behind the soulbinding is still unknown. There is speculation that obtaining the Oni Set was to be viewed as an accomplishment despite it being spawned from a failed incubation, while the slippers are to lessen the likelihood of item and gold inflation depending on the drop ratio.

After years of requesting, on September 21, 2012 the Oni Set became unbound.[1]


  • The Fortune Egg is one of the first Chance Items to have level gaining, meaning that if a player could pass from one level to the next, then the value of a prize increased and also the possibility of winning the top prize. However, it also increased the chances of failing to reach the next level and receiving a low prize.
  • The original description for Lizardman before being edited was: They call you "cold-blooded". You'll show them cold-blooded.
  • Mythrill Coins and Fail Coins were released with this CI. The original description for Mythrill Coin being edited was: These legendary coins are composed of the precious metal Mythrill. Due to their rarity, they can be sold to any shop for vast amounts of currency, ranging from five thousand to five million Gold.
  • The Concept Car was originally released from this CI.
  • This CI holds the largest release of Companions, see Sentry Security. There are two of each: Human, Centaur, Dark Elf, and Vampire. Sentry Security: Santiago became a contestant during FAMESTAR 2000 which was released in February 2009. While The Fish became a prominent character during the Halloween 2k12 event.

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