This is a Chance Item container known as a Random Event Item.


How it is obtainedEdit

Ci gif TrunkGolden

A jumping enchanted golden trunk

The Enchanted Golden Trunk randomly appears on the website primarily in the Gaia Forums or Gaia Towns, though rarely. The trunk appears to Gaians by flying around the screen, prompting users to Catch it before it's gone. Clicking on the trunk results in capturing it and sending it to Inventory to be opened and receiving a randomly given item. A trunk contains uncommon Housing Items.

Enchanted Golden Trunk itemsEdit

  • Listing Angelic Bed - A bed fit for angels.
  • Listing Angelic Chair - A chair fit for an Angel.
  • Listing Angelic Table - I heard that Angels don't need tables because their stomaches are always appeased and they don't sit down cause they are always floating... I guess I was WRONG.
  • Listing Bloody Footprints Floor Tile - It's ... blood. I hope it's not Chris's blood.
  • Listing Checkerboard Wall Tile - Check yo'self befo you wreck yo'self.
  • Listing Chalk Outline - From the looks of it, I'd say he RAN out of time. HAHA! Get it?! RAN out of time? man... I should be a CSI or something.
  • Listing Grizzly Bear Rug - He killed my father. I made him into my rug. Call it even.
  • Listing Holo-grid Wall Tile - I remember this one show where they had a big room with this grid all over it and um... sometimes it would malfunction ... and they would be trapped inside and have to deal with all these virtual people inside and have to escape ... and they would make a whole episode out of it. Ah nostalgia...
  • Listing KiKi Kitty Wall Tile - A cute wall tile of Gaia's favorite kitty!
  • Listing Marble Pedestal - I bought this pedestal to display my most coveted item ... my two ton marble! (Wooden and Golden Trunk)
  • Listing Manhole Cover - Once I went down into the sewers to find some of that mutational goo so I could become a superhero animal. But wait, if that goo turns animals into human form ... would that make me twice the human I am now? O_O;
  • Listing Pink Gator Kiddie Pool - Diving into one of these is probably NOT a good idea.
  • Listing Red Alarm Phone - The city is in danger! QUICK! Use the RED ALARM PHONE!
  • Listing Retro TV - HDTV? What in tarnations is that?!
  • Listing Roman Pedestal - Much like the ones you see in museums and there's always like some half-naked dude or chick with a loin cloth holding something. I always manage to knock these over by accident.
  • Listing Rustic Pedestal - My girlfriend said that girls like to be put on a pedestal. So I went out and bought her this.
  • Listing Starfield Wall Tile - Look at the stars ... how they shine for you.
  • Listing Toxic Barrel - These barrels are often found near large bodies of water where people won't notice it. (Wooden and Golden Trunk)
  • Listing Yellow Retro Phone - I remember when we used to use two cups and a string ... I miss those days.



  • The trunk has yet to be updated with original items that equip for housing, there has been an update wherein the trunk gives random formulas for the alchemy feature.
  • According to the item detail the trunk existed since April 25, 2003, but did not have a purpose until the housing feature arrived in March 2005. The date presented in the intro is the assumed release in reference the announcement.

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