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This is a Chance Item container.

Cryptic Path

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Cryptic Path

Description: A young man named Irwin was born with the ability to use a magical compass, and with it, he's setting out in search of creatures both strange and beautiful.

Price: 149 Cash

Store: La Victoire

Gender: Any

Date first appeared on Gaia: November 7, 2012

Actions: Marketplace Item Information Favicon-gaia

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Landing pageEdit

Cryptic Path

Creation is filled to the brim with fauna yet to be discovered-- uncountable creatures thriving just outside the site of common man. They remain just out of reach for most explorers, but not those with the rare gift to track anyone or anything. A young man named Irwin was born with the ability to use a magical compass, and with it, he's setting out in search of creatures both strange and beautiful.

Irwin's Invitation

With magical compass in had, Irwin has asked you to come along on a journey. Will you accept his offer and traverse the hidden path?

Tracking Treasures

Join Irwin on an journey to find nature's most elusive creatures and you receive something special. It could be a Cash Shop favorite, a valuable rare item, or an amazing new exclusive:

But that's not all-if you're lucky, you could get brand new, super-secret items not pictured here!

How it's playedEdit

When a player purchases a Cryptic Path, they can open the container to receive an item. They would meet a random being and then they could claim a prize.

Items from Cryptic PathEdit


  • Listing SDPlus #409 Irwin - I can track anything!
  • Listing SDPlus #410 Ela - Catch me if you can...
  • Listing SDPlus #411 Fathom - RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!!!!!!
  • Listing SDPlus #412 Nessie - I'm kinda camera shy ////___////
  • Listing SDPlus #413 Keele - Look into my eyes!
  • Listing SDPlus #415 Ezo - the reports of my death are greatly exaggerated...
  • Listing SDPlus #416 Wakiya - Let the thunder roll!
  • Listing SDPlus #417 Cayo - Did I scare you?!

Apparel and Accessories

  • Listing Alpine Woiperdinger - A piece of this and a piece of that~
  • Listing Benevolent Bakeneko - Tama was treated well by her owners, when the time came she repaid them ten-fold with wealth and love.
  • Listing Blind Death - Stealthily worming its way from underground, its presence warned only by the shifting earth, it doesn't need eyesight to locate its victim. You can't escape.
  • Listing Cultured Kappa - If you bow first, I will always bow back.
  • Listing Ezo Okami - Is there a place left there for me / Somewhere that I belong / Or will I always live this way... ?
  • Listing Fenghuang - Empress among birds, you are fire, the sun, justice, obedience, and fidelity.
  • Listing Kallana - "Petite," not "short," thank you very much.
  • Listing Little Yetiv - I'm late for Yeti school!
  • Listing Loch Ness Lassie - Take a picture, it'll last longer.
  • Listing Lophius Monk - The ugly cousin to the beautiful mermaids in fairy tales.
  • Listing Ningen - An oddity of the sea, their pure white bodies and humanoid features scare unfortunate witnesses more than offer comfort.
  • Listing Pious Basan - I have traveled far and wide, yet lived a short life. I have fascinated many, yet never made their acquaintance. I had so much potential, but no means to accomplish them.
  • Listing Plight of Girona - My belief in ancient beasts is fiery.
  • Listing Qilin Of Prosperity - I will only serve under an illustrious ruler.
  • Listing Skyfish Ribbons - The Skyfish sleep long and dreamily in the sky above
  • Listing Stygian Shuck - Wolves by the road. Wolves in the middle of town and a chapel bell ringing through the wind-blown trees where an old gypsy woman spoke to me, said, “You're a wolf, boy, get out of this town”
  • Listing Tasmanian Safari - The stripes are both camouflage and stylish
  • Listing Wakiya's Storm - Do you hear her thunder? The clash of her wings? May you witness her majesty across the plains.
  • Listing Yasaengui Style - I like my clothes how I like my music: LOUD.


  • Listing Brosnya Dragoon - Nessie's angry war raging cousin. Watch out, he'll sink your battleships.
  • Listing Colorful Cabra - ¡Oculta tu ganado!
  • Listing Dartmoress - Half lion and half boar makes her one fiercely aggressive warrioress.
  • Listing Ela the Jackalope - A graceful yet mysterious beauty.
  • Listing Fierce Wampus - She's got the boots with the fur! (Spotted fur!)
  • Listing Maltese Tigress - She's got the boots with the fur! (Striped fur!)
  • Listing Haggis of the Moor - They say these wee but delicious critters skitter clockwise in the highlands.
  • Listing Mister Strixv - This owl likes to see how many licks it takes to get to the center.. but not of lollipops.
  • Listing Sirenia Atargatis - She dreams of the air and he dreams of the sea.
  • Listing Steel Heeled Jack - They say that when you kill a man you not only take away what he was, but all he will ever be
  • Listing Trestle Lurker - Beware the creature lurking beneath the railway trestle.

Accessories Misc

  • Listing Akkorokamui - That's a lot of tako.


  • Listing Night of the Popobawa - If you are found by this shapeshifter best to warn others lest it visit you once again.
  • Listing Sigbin - Villainous creatures who attack in the shadows, they cannot help themselves, for they are prisoners to those who hold their clay jars.


  • Listing Balgeary - Then that means... I am the king o' the cats!


  • Listing Man-Eating Tree - Instead of producing sap, this tree just drools for your flesh... gross.
  • Listing Megalodon Monster - We may never know it's true size, but it's big, REALLY big.
  • Listing Mystic Locations - Did you see that?
  • Listing Tropical Kodama - In the deep lush jungles, you may stumble upon some rather odd looking coconuts....

Additional infoEdit

Eeh...Not that I'm greedy or anything, but shouldn't there be more to this?


  • The Cryptic Path features Gaia NPC: Irwin, Cayo, Ela, Ezo, Fathom, Keele, Nessie, Wakiya, and Ylaipi. See also: Chance Item NPC.
  • The CI's theme is based on legendary creatures, cryptids, and folktales.

Trivia about itemsEdit

The item named:

  • ITEM, is based on ...

Related itemsEdit


  • Fathom - Cryptic Path Nov'12, Seven Season May'13
  • Ylaipi - Cryptic Path Nov'12, Culinary Coliseum Apr'13



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