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Cryptic Path - Creation is filled to the brim with fauna yet to be discovered-- uncountable creatures thriving just outside the site of common man. They remain just out of reach for most explorers, but not those with the rare gift to track anyone or anything. A young man named Irwin was born with the ability to use a magical compass, and with it, he's setting out in search of creatures both strange and beautiful.

Irwin's Invitation - With magical compass in had, Irwin has asked you to come along on a journey. Will you accept his offer and traverse the hidden path?

Tracking Treasures - Join Irwin on an journey to find nature's most elusive creatures and you receive something special. It could be a Cash Shop favorite, a valuable rare item, or an amazing new exclusive:

But that's not all-if you're lucky, you could get brand new, super-secret items not pictured here!

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Companion and Fauna

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  • The CI's theme is based on legendary creatures, cryptids, and folktales.

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