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This is a Chance Item container.

Cirque du Gothique

Ci icon CirqueduGothique

Cirque du Gothique

Description: Summer has ended, and Cirque du Gothique is in town!

Price: 149 Cash

Store: La Victoire

Gender: Any

Date first appeared on Gaia: September 17, 2010

Actions: Marketplace Item Information Favicon-gaia

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Landing pageEdit

Cirque Du Gothique

Welcome to my circus... don't mind the bodies, I swear I found them that way. Let me introduce myself: I am Ringmaster, the captain of this mad troupe. Won't you join our traveling chaos?

Step Right Up

There are eight mentors who will help you find a job suited to your talents. Which mentor you get is in the shaky hands of fate, and some are very selective. If you answer their questions wrong, you'll still collect a reward-- you just won't be that star of the show.

Everyone's A Winner

I never send a performer away empty-handed. Even if your act falls flat, I'll make it worth your time with a Cash Shop favorite, valuable rarity or exclusive item from my personal collection.

How it's playedEdit

When a player purchases a Cirque du Gothique, they can open the container to receive an item. They meet with the Ringmaster, and by pressing "Enter", he would direct the player to a trainer. They will then be asked questions by the trainer and have to answer questions correctly, the wrong response would cause them to fail and receive a item from that trainer that was considered a failure.

Items from Cirque du GothiqueEdit


  • Listing SDPlus #011 Agatha - Owner of Barton Jewelers and Mirai's mother.
  • Listing SDPlus #208 Pistolera - Bang Bang. You're dead.
  • Listing SDPlus #220 The Ringmaster - The devilishly handsome Monsieur Loyal, master of Cirque du Gothique!
  • Listing SDPlus #221 The High Flying Sisters - Twin sisters Genevieve and Lorraine dazzle and amaze the audience with their awesome feats and perfect coordination!
  • Listing SDPlus #222 Buttons the Pierrot - Buttons the little pierrot has a natural gift to make everyone happy.
  • Listing SDPlus #223 Gunpowder the Daredevil Doll - I BROKE MY FAAAACE!!!!
  • Listing SDPlus #224 Baalim the Puppet Master and Eve - Don't let him near your strings...
  • Listing SDPlus #225 Fiammetta the Firebreather - Scorching!!
  • Listing SDPlus #226 Écarté, Master of Illusions - No reason to hide it, this guy's an Ace!
  • Listing SDPlus #227 Cordis the Inside Out Boy - Master of the sideshow and its star attraction...
  • Listing SDPlus #228 Colonel Praline Pepperpot - An eccentric man with a profound love for cats and a peculiar gait.
  • Listing SDPlus #229 The Circus Grunts - These jobs are really crappy.
  • Listing SDPlus #230 Valda the Marvelous Doll - The dedicated tiger tamer who lost her head. Was is accident or design?

Apparel and Accessories

  • Listing Asian Acrobatics - See them jump, flip, whirl, and twirl!
  • Listing Highwire Belladonna - A delicate, dark lady balancing precariously way up high.
  • Listing La Sanguine - Come in, come in... to where the girls are pretty and will exchange a wink for a smile!!
  • Listing Le Saltimbanque - Tumble, flip and jump right off of everything, putting couch potatoes to shame.
  • Listing Madame Gypsy - Come and let Madame Gypsy gaze into the mysterious future!
  • Listing Onyx and Ivory Trapeze - Classic clothes for a classic circus act.
  • Listing Pink Marionette - A seemingly lifeless figure hangs from a set of pink strings...
  • Listing Samba Star - Get ready for the biggest party ever!
  • Listing The Big Top Hat - The Big Top's in town and you can show your support by wearing the Big Top itself on!
  • Listing The Ringmaster - Is he really invisible or is it just an illusion? He won't say, but the troupe has their suspicions.


  • Listing Gothique Harlequin - Clowns? Creepy? I can't imagine what you're talking about
  • Listing Les Freaks - Eerie couture fashion inspired by sideshow oddities...
  • Listing Maquillage - No costume is complete without its proper finishing touches.

Accessories Misc

  • Listing Lion Tamer's Pride - After years of being an accountant, I finally found excitement in my life, being a Lion Tamer!
  • Listing Strongman's Might - COME ONE COME ALL! Come see the herculean might of the Strongman! Be not afraid child of his barbarous and rugged exterior, I can assure you all that he is also a man of class and character.
  • Listing Sword Eater's blade - He's really good at sticking long hard objects down his throat.
  • Listing The Magician - Razzle dazzle 'em!
  • Listing Zebra Sukutai - Sukutai dreams of becoming the best trick horse in the circus, but is still too young to learn. But that's okay, prancing around the ring with you is still just as fun!


  • Listing Accessoires de Cirque - You'll have glitter on you for days after touching these.
  • Listing Joculari - Juggling is a fine skill, utilizing eye and hand coordination, necessary for juggling fire and chainsaws...however, the mice juggle themselves defeating the whole need for eye/hand coordination...
  • Listing Cirque du Junkfood - Subject your stomach to the wonder and amazement of extravagant, crazy fried food on a stick!
  • Listing Firebreather - FINALLY. I can play with FIYAAAHH.
  • Listing Throwing Knives - You better not MISS!


  • Listing Puppet Master - The shadows dance with a twitch of a finger and the tug of a string. This is the power of the Puppet Master.


  • Listing Colonel Praline Pepperpot's Capricious Cat Circus - No description
  • Listing Monsieur Panda - IT'S SO PUFFY!
  • Listing Mister Giraffiday - A giraffe plushie a day keeps the blues away
  • Listing Montauciel Circus - I've seen just about everything of the circus when I saw the view on a flying elephant air balloon!


  • Listing Aerial Ribbon Dancer - A display for grace and strength as the dancer entwines themselves with the ribbon.
  • Listing Fortune Teller's Trade - No fortune teller can gaze into the fogs of the future without these items.
  • Listing Freak Show Posters - These let you advertise your ability to be horrendously unique, in that Freak Show kind of way!
  • Listing Regalia of the Flame Tongue - Tame the flame before it tames you.

Additional infoEdit


  • The Cirque du Gothique features Gaia NPC: Ringmaster, Acrobat, Catcircus, Clown, Daredevil, Firebreather, Freakshow, Illusionist, Puppeteer. See also: Chance Item NPC.
  • The theme of this CI was heavy influenced by traveling carnivals/circus'.
  • In April 2011 the circus made a return with a fortuneteller named Velvetine, during the Arcana Break.

Trivia about itemsEdit

The item named:

  • Throwing Knives, contains a pose called "Endless Knife Works"; which is homage to Unlimited Blade Works from the Fate/stay night series.
  • SDPlus #208 Pistolera, is based on the character from the Pistolera EI.
  • SDPlus #226 Écarté, Master of Illusions, is based on the objects seen in the Hidden Ace EI.
  • SDPlus #228 Colonel Praline Pepperpot, is homage to Monty Python's Flying Circus. (see also) List of recurring characters.
  • SDPlus #230 Valda the Marvelous Doll, is based on Stage 2 of The Nightmare EI, which has a pose that renders an avatar headless. It also has an invisible tiger named Adamas.

Related itemsEdit


  • Buttons - Cirque du Gothique Sep'10, Love Charm III Feb'12, Carnival du Gothique Jul'13
  • Cordis - Cirque du Gothique Sep'10, Love Charm II Feb'11, Dark Reflection 2 Oct'12, Carnival du Gothique Jul'13
  • Écarté - Cirque du Gothique Sep'10, Carnival du Gothique'13, (see also) Hidden Ace appearances.
  • Gunpowder - Cirque du Gothique Sep'10, Carnival du Gothique Jul'13
  • Monsieur Loyal - Cirque du Gothique Sep'10, Famestar Masquerade Oct'11, Dark Reflection 2 Oct'12, Carnival du Gothique Jul'13
  • Pepperpot - Cirque du Gothique Sep'10, Love Charm III Feb'12
  • (see) Arcana Break in 2011 and Carnival du Gothique in 2013



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