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Cirque Du Gothique - Welcome to my circus... don't mind the bodies, I swear I found them that way. Let me introduce myself: I am Ringmaster, the captain of this mad troupe. Won't you join our traveling chaos?

Step Right Up - There are eight mentors who will help you find a job suited to your talents. Which mentor you get is in the shaky hands of fate, and some are very selective. If you answer their questions wrong, you'll still collect a reward-- you just won't be that star of the show.

Everyone's A Winner - I never send a performer away empty-handed. Even if your act falls flat, I'll make it worth your time with a Cash Shop favorite, valuable rarity or exclusive item from my personal collection.

Cirque du Gothique itemsEdit


  • Listing SDPlus #011 Agatha
  • Listing SDPlus #208 Pistolera
  • Listing SDPlus #220 The Ringmaster
  • Listing SDPlus #221 The High Flying Sisters
  • Listing SDPlus #222 Buttons the Pierrot
  • Listing SDPlus #223 Gunpowder the Daredevil Doll
  • Listing SDPlus #224 Baalim the Puppet Master and Eve
  • Listing SDPlus #225 Fiammetta the Firebreather
  • Listing SDPlus #226 Écarté, Master of Illusions
  • Listing SDPlus #227 Cordis the Inside Out Boy
  • Listing SDPlus #228 Colonel Praline Pepperpot
  • Listing SDPlus #229 The Circus Grunts
  • Listing SDPlus #230 Valda the Marvelous Doll

Companion and Fauna

Apparel and Accessories


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  • The Cirque du Gothique mentions Gaia NPC:

Main article: Chance Item NPC

  • The theme of this CI was heavy influenced by traveling carnivals/circus'.
  • In April 2011 the circus made a return with a fortuneteller named Velvetine, during the Arcana Break.

Referenced itemsEdit

  • Throwing Knives, contains a pose called "Endless Knife Works"; which is homage to Unlimited Blade Works from the Fate/stay night series.
  • SDPlus #208 Pistolera, is based on the character from the Pistolera EI.
  • SDPlus #226 Écarté, Master of Illusions, is based on the objects seen in the Hidden Ace EI.
  • SDPlus #228 Colonel Praline Pepperpot, is homage to Monty Python's Flying Circus. (see also) List of recurring characters.
  • SDPlus #230 Valda the Marvelous Doll, is based on Stage 2 of The Nightmare EI, which has a pose that renders an avatar headless. It also has an invisible tiger named Adamas.

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