This is a Chance Item container known as a Random Event Item.


How it worksEdit

When the user purchases a Luck Key from either the La Victoire or Marketplace, they would have to wait for the Lucky Chest to show up. The Lucky Chest appeared randomly and only in Aquariums or the site's header and needs to be clicked in order for a screen to pop up and display a number of items and their worth. Below the items was a timer (displaying how long the chest would remain visible to the User) and the option of choosing to open it or not. It was a matter of simply using the Key to open a chest to receive an item.

Promotional textEdit

Get a key to open the treasure.

One of these great items will be hiding inside:

But hurry! The chest will float away in:

"Get a key now!" "I have a key!" "No Thanks"

Aquarium Lucky Chest itemsEdit


Apparel and Accessories


  • Random items previously stocked in La Victoire.
  • Random CI's previously stocked in La Victoire.


Additional infoEdit


  • The Aquarium Lucky Chest rotated items and was occasionally restocked with new items.

Referenced itemsEdit

  • Pendant, was based on the MC Demonic Pendant. These pendants also include a glowing option just like the MC.
  • Talsi's Sash, was based on the characteristics of the character Falsetto from the RPG video game Eternal Sonata.


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