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The Aquarium Lucky Chest is a Chance Item released on June 17, 2009 from the La Victoire. However, it is available for purchase from other users via trades or the marketplace.

Aquarium Lucky Chest

Description: A mysterious box containing a random valuable item. It's unlocked with the Luck Key, available in Phin Phang.

Price: This item has no specific price

Store: Found in Aquarium or Gaia top Banner

Gender: Any

Date first appeared on Gaia: June 2009

Luck Key

Description: A magical key needed to unlock the "Lucky Chest," which appears around Gaia. Whatever item you find inside will be worth more than the cost of the key. Once the key is used, it disappears. This key is only used when you come across the Luck Chest.

Price: 99 Cash

Store: La Victoire

Gender: Any

Date first appeared on Gaia: June 2009

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How it worksEdit

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When the User bought a Luck Key from either the Cash Shop or MP, they would wait for the Lucky Chest to show up. The Lucky Chest appeared randomly and only in Aquariums or the top banner and needed to be clicked in order for a screen to pop up and display a number of items and their worth. Below the items was a timer (displaying how long the chest would remain visible to the User) and the option of choosing to open it or not. It was a matter of simply using the Key to open a chest to receive an item.

Get a key to open the treasure.

One of these great items will be hiding inside:

But hurry! The chest will float away in:

"Get a key now!" "I have a key!" "No Thanks"

Items from Aquarium Lucky ChestEdit

Apparel with Accessories:

  • Cecilia's Circlet - Crafted by the master artisans of the deep~
  • Dumbo Octopus tutu - Float gracefully in this octopus tutu!
  • Heart of Ice - A frosty heart waiting for warmth.
  • Lounge Lizard - Back in my day I hung out with all the greats! Johnny Pants, Figg Newton, Hammy Blues Jr. and Barton Finatra.
  • Ocean's Sonata - You will hear the song of the Siren, which enchants all who come near them...
  • Pirate Sando's Vest - A classy pirate that pilfered various towns as a hobby and was quite a talker with the women.
  • Raider Shih's Garment - An infamous raider of the seas. Beautiful, wild and free, she was known to be very deceitful, especially among men. Very few people come back alive when she decides her next prey.
  • Talsi's Sash - Elegant fist fighter from a world of dreams.
  • Thundercloud Couture - Looking stylish no matter the weather forecast!


  • Around the World - Time is money! This custom-made clockwork traveling gear will ensure you complete your journey in 80 days.
  • Friendship Pendant - A pendant signifying lifelong friendship.
  • Large Pirate Hat - Argh~ I can't see anything!
  • Marital Pendant - Just as effective as wedding vows, but not quite as legally binding.
  • Master's Pendant - For those who like to be in charge.
  • Master's Pet's Pendant - For those who dig being bossed around a little.
  • Octopus neck wrap - Aw I think it likes you!
  • Riot Shield - I have to use this gear a lot more than you'd think.
  • Romance Pendant - A perfect romantic gift for that special someone.
  • White Leopard Fur Hat - 100% Faux-Fur Hand Wash/Dry Clean Only

Accessories Misc:

  • Assorted Contact Lens Set - These strange lens offer a simple way to stand out in a crowd.


  • Coral Edge - This ancient blade, made of beautiful marine coral, is said to have been forged by the Sea God himself.
  • Coral Staff - A majestic staff made of coral, one of the most precious and durable elements of the sea. Legends say that this staff was imbued with the powers of the ocean, thus being the Sea God's most precious staff.


  • Random Aquarium Fish.
  • Cecil - This curious jelly like substance one day swam into a cavern in search for some soggy cookies. Unfortunately the cavern closed on him and since then has been waiting for a passerby (preferably with a lot of sweets) to release him.
  • Jazz the Lounge Lizard - Jazz has 'lounging in the sun' as greatest asset on his resume.


  • Random items previously stocked in La Victoire.
  • Random CI's previously stocked in La Victoire.


  • The Aquarium Lucky Chest rotated items and was occasionally restocked with new items.
Trivia about items

The item named:

  • Pendant, was based on the MC Demonic Pendant. These pendants also include a glowing option just like the MC.
  • Talsi's Sash, was based on the characteristics of the character Falsetto from the RPG video game Eternal Sonata.

External linksEdit

For weeks now the mysterious Luck Chest has been appearing in Aquariums, enticing Gaians with its bounty of treasure. Now we've gotten scattered reports that the Luck Chest has been appearing in more and more places, not just Aquariums.

Based on eyewitness accounts, these new chests still open with the Luck Key, and still feature a great random item worth more than the cost of the key. One thing we do know is different: the Luck Chest carries a different assortment of goodies when it appears on land.

If you see one and want to crack it open, you can snag a Luck Key from the Cash Shop. The Luck Chest doesn't like to hang around for long, so you'll have to act fast if you see one.

Get a Luck Key

The Luck Chest may show up where the Daily Chance usually sits, but it'll never replace it. You'll always get the same number of chances every day.


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