An Imp is a mythological being similar to a fairy or demon, frequently described in folklore and superstition.

On Gaia, Imps are small round furry creatures with wings and long tails, they are found in various areas around Gaia. At times Imps have the ability to turn into a humanoid figure that are very thin bodied; maintaining their wings which then protrude from the sides of their heads and having bare thighs with the lower halves of their legs feathered, ending with birdlike clawed feet.

Two types of imp were seen during the 2008 Olympics, participating in the events.

Imp Types:Edit

Angel ImpEdit

Creature impangel

The Angel Imp type was introduced in the manga #25: Cat Fish, a lone angel imp spent the day gathering flowers with NPC:Rina; after a minor situation of the creature about to be eaten by NPC:Rufus the Cat, Rina noticed that the imp wanted to help, but NPC:Ian and Rufus had their doubts due to the creatures size. This was soon dispelled when the imp transformed itself into a humanoid form, a blond humanoid male with blue eyes.

Angel Imps appear to be friendly and helpful, whether they can talk while in their smaller imp form is unknown, but they certainly seem to understand what is said around them. While in small imp form they are round, white fluffy blobs with faces, and have feathery white wings and curly golden tails.

Gaians can transform into an Angel Imp after consuming Angel Imp Potion. An Angel Imp Plushie was released in likeness of these creatures.

Devil ImpEdit

Creature impdevil

The Devil Imp type was introduced in the manga #27: Dark Alliance, a lone imp stopped by the Map:Bank of Gambino to deposit a bag of human teeth that were gold. Upon seeing this NPC:Meredith was shocked and told the creature that its deposit couldn't be accepted, but the imp told her that gold is gold, to which Meredith went to see Johnny K. Gambino about it. Gambino being a man who like riches, told her to accept the deposit.

After retrieving a vial of Serum 3A from the banks vault, Gambino requested a corpse to which the imp obliged. Although the imps had their doubts about the Glompie being of any use, Gambino perked their interest by mentioning the sure victory of winning gold medals.

Devil Imps have a suspicious air about them, but it appears they don't want to cause harm to anyone and only have interest in finding gold, in fact the corpse the one imp found was from a medical school. They appear as round black blobs with with faces, have black bat-like wings and thin tails with an arrow shaped tip.

Gaians can transform into a Devil Imp after consuming a Devil Imp Potion. A Devil Imp Plushie was released in likeness of these creatures.


Creature impgimpi
Creature Gimpi Deen Mona

The Gimpi type was introduced as a manufacturing error, the potion it resided in was undrinkable but was able to produce an imp like creature. It was up to Gaians to raise the odd creature as it grew in various stages eventually becoming grown up and attending an academic school called Ster Academy.

The Gimpi appears to be a mix of the Angel and Devil imp, having a feather headwing and a bat-like headwing, heterochromatic eyes and green skin. In imp form they are round gray blobs with faces, and have one white wing and one black wing, and a long curly tail.

Flower ImpEdit

Ci art 2k9mar24 emeraldseed

The Flower Imp type was introduced with the release of the Item:Emerald Seed CI. These tiny flower imps are a distant cousin of the larger angel and devil imps; they flutter about on a variety of tiny wings that resemble the petals of flowers.

Rina discovered these little guys while playing in a meadow. She attempted to eat one of them only to have another (Lilja) panic and scream that they were not edible. After pulling the creature (Drystan) from her mouth, he explained that if she helped them plant a garden, something amazing might grow.

Notable ImpsEdit

  • Gimpi
  • Deen
  • Mona
  • Dally
  • Drystan
  • Lilja
  • Macduff
  • Sprout

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