This is a list of quotes by Ian.

Note that Ian's shop quotes prior to 2007 are unfounded. However, due to 2007 being an update there may be a few early existing quotes.

Shop quotesEdit

2011 Johnny Gambino's death
  • Gambino and I never got along, but deep down he was a decent man.
  • You should stop by H & R Wesley sometime. Edmund's a great guy, I can't believe someone would do that to his shop.
2009 after "Save Our Shops"
  • Great to see you, (Username). How's life?
  • You can sort by price if you're on a tight budget. We've got plenty of affordable stuff.
  • Remember to say hi to Rufus. He gets sulky if he doesn't get enough attention.
  • Hope you're not allergic to cats.
  • You like my outfit? I thought it was a little much, but Rufus says it makes me look like a movie star...
  • Barton's a great place to live. Ever thought about building a house here?
  • You should stop by H & R Wesley sometime. Edmund's a great guy, and he sells the best formalwear around.
  • Tell Sasha I said hi, would you?
  • Rufus suggested I specialize in funny costumes-- but he's a cat, so all clothes are funny costumes to him.
  • Hey, wanna hear a joke? Knock kno-- interrupting cow! No, wait, I always screw that one up.
  • I probably shouldn't be telling you this, but you can save a pile of Gold by buying used items on the Marketplace.
  • Hey, (Username)! It's great to see you again.
  • Say hi to Rufus while you're here!
  • Has Rufus been taking good care of the place?
  • Zhivago's still out there somewhere, but I can't hide forever.
  • You like the hair? I finally stopped bleaching it.
  • I hope I can still remember how to work the register.
  • Do you have any presents to wrap? Just click on your item and click the GIFT WRAPPING option.

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