I.V.EGAN  n. ([ahy-vee-guh n]) [1][2]

  1. intravenous feeding.
  2. a person who does not use any animal products.


I.V.EGAN is an Organic Soy Based Blood Substitute, created by a vampire interest group, but their distribution was kind of poor.


Mentioned in the lost manga Olympics: Durem Part 2, and seen close up in Olympics: Durem Part 3.

This liquid was consumed by Louie Von Helson during the 2008 Gaia Olympics, when being out in direct sunlight caused him to become sluggish and lose strength. It was Devin who brought it to him, and the packs were passed around to prevent problems with other vampires who had an urge to attack.

As the Olympics ended with Durem in second place, Louie decided to leave Edmund's home to live with Ian and then eventually find his own home. He also planned to finance distribution of the vegan blood substitute, and was made their spokesman. He figured if he couldn't care for his people like a King, he'd care for their nutrition instead.


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