The first Halloween Costume Contest was announced October 12 2007, and Gaians had two weeks to create the wildest and most amazing costume in two categories: Original Costumes and Gaia Themed Costumes. Gaia staff would select a winner from each of the two categories and award them both with 250,000 Gold each.


Winners were announced October 31 2007.

Original CostumesEdit

First place was StaciMarie with her Gypsy Dancer outfit.

Runners-up were Divine Leaf Hallucinator with the Psychedelic Stickman and Temily_Emily with her unnamed monster.

Gaia Themed CostumesEdit

First place was Loki Syndrome as Jack, The King of Halloween.

Runners-up were [.The.Flying.Potato.] as her avatar and Rebel Song as a Grunny.

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