The Recreation of the G Virus event took place on October 28, 2005. The Halloween event essentially worked the site into a fervor, sparking both controversy and problems with the servers due to the high traffic load.


Gaians received an invite from Bucho to attend a Halloween Party at the Gambino mansion. Gino showed Ian and Sasha around the new mansion, where it was revealed he rebuilt the Underground Research Facility, although he didn't intend for it to be secret. Gino invites Sasha to the mansion for dinner. Ian then tries to reveal what he found to Sasha to keep her from going, but he can't find the item he intended to use as proof, which is possibly the bottle of pills.

The scene switches to the research facility, where LabTech 123 has recreated the G Virus using samples from Grunny's DNA. The power goes out and the cage release is pulled by a mysterious figure, who turns out to be LabTech X. This started a forum game where users posted to capture grunnies for items and eventual transformation.

Stages of InfectionEdit

  • 0-14 grunnies: No Symptoms.
  • 15 grunnies: Initial Symptoms. The user received a Grunny Shirt.
  • 35 grunnies: Impaired Motor Functions. The user received a pair of Grunny Slippers.
  • 176 grunnies: Total Incapacitation. The user's Avatar's skin turned a grayish color and gained reddish-orange eyes.
  • 350 grunnies: Initial Transformation. The Avatar's skin turned completely white and grew what appeared to be stubby rabbit ears.
  • 500 grunnies: Complete Tansformation. A Grunny had been incubating inside of the user the whole time and it manifested itself gnawing on the avatar's head.


Many threads were made with titles banning those users under a certain number of grunnies to avoid them 'leeching'. The elitism peaked when the creators of these threads added leechers (if a thread was for users with 70 and above, a user with 20 would be considered a leecher) to their Ignore lists, blocking them from posting in that thread. As a result, several users would not continue or could not achieve the third level, the initial transformation. As VO posted later on, the whole idea of the event was for people to work together to raise their grunny counts.

The Early EndEdit

The event was ended six hours early so that the Trick-or-Treating event could be fixed to handle the high number of users that would be on Gaia.

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