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The Halloween 2k12 event of started on October 17, 2012 and ended on October 31st. The title for the event was "The Don"


Tension is building up between the two races known as Vampire and Dark Elves. Both gather a group of their own and persuade Humans to fight for their side.


The September 28 the manga update 60 Outcasts gave a brief glimpse of the past of why the Dark Elves and the Vampires became enemies. On October 16, the manga update 61 Him showed both factions readying for battle.

Event Beginning: First Day & Rest of the EventEdit

H2k12 mainpage

Event splash page, choosing a side

H2k12 mainpage2

The Don main page

H2k12 forum header 2

Forum header

  • Sep 26 - 27
Gaians receive Private Message from Countess Ambrosia and Franco.
  • Oct 2
Gaians receive Private Message from Countess Ambrosia and Franco, who give them faction badges to wear.
  • Oct 16 - 23
Manga update #61 Him
  • Oct 17
Announcement of Halloween 2k12 lunch
Wing Sticker appears
  • Oct 31
Halloween 2k12 ends
  • Nov 1
Manga update #61 Him
Gaians receive Private Message from Countess Ambrosia and Franco, who give them a gift for their efforts.
Halloween Wrap-up and Stats


[NPC] Cindy Donovinh: AnnouncementEdit

Avatar Cindy
  • Wed Oct 17, 2012 7:41 pm Gaia's 2012 Halloween Event Has Arrived! [1]

Breaking news! As Halloween draws near, an underworld feud threatens to ignite a full-scale battle: we've received reports that rogue vampires have been clashing with the Kuro Gang, and now both sides are seeking support from the population at large.

Those who support the vampires believe that Don Kuro intends to seize power in some sinister occult coup; the Kuro Gang warns against trusting vampires, who are widely rumored to suck people's blood for fun and nourishment. This reporter just can't make heads or tails of it.

Both teams are actively recruiting new fighters. To pledge your support to one of these shadowy factions and join the battle, pay a visit to the event page:

Join the Fight

In lighter news: those looking for some frivolity amongst all this bloodshed can visit Gaia's shops, where the friendly proprietors will hand out candy and exclusive items in their annual trick-or-treat celebration.

Trick or Treat

[NPC] Countess Ambrosia: AnnouncementEdit

Avatar CountessAmbrosia
  • Sep 25, 2012 The Kuro Gang must be stopped.

Kuro was once an honorable leader of the Durem underworld. He was an outlaw, but he was fair and honest. However, in recent years his growing lust for power has driven him to murder, terrorism and experiments with the occult.

I'm ashamed to say that many vampire families were in his employ for generations. Now, due to his intolerably depraved actions against humans and vampires alike, several major vampire clans have united to sever ties with Don Kuro; any vampires still dealing with the Kuro Gang will be regarded as enemies of our people.

We have reason to believe that Don Kuro is escalating his occult madness and intends to make a major play for power in the coming months. The vampire clans have gathered under our rightful leader, Louie, to fight this threat. We humbly ask for your forgiveness for our past dealings with the Don, and hope that you will join us in our mission to thwart his evil ambitions.*

- Ambrosia

* Clicking this link will sign you up for this side and you will not be able to change your side later. Choose wisely.

  • Oct 2, 2012 You made the right choice.

Together, I know we can defeat Don Kuro and stop this madness. Thank you.

- Ambrosia

You've received:

Halloween 2k12 Von Helson Badge

Proudly wear the symbol of your faction!

Click here to see it in your inventory now!

  • Nov 1, 2012 This fight is not over.

Well, Don Kuro has succeeded in pulling the wool over the eyes of thousands of Gaians, and for the moment, they've beaten us back.

We may not have won this battle, but we're determined to win the war. Our united families thank you for your help. No gesture could properly thank you for your bravery and sacrifice, but please accept this small gif.

Many thanks,

- Ambrosia

Go to your inventory to see what you've received.

[NPC] Franco 'The Fish': AnnouncementEdit

Avatar Franco
  • Sep 25, 2012 Help us unite all people in peace.

Many regard our people, the Dark Elves, as criminals and cave-dwellers. In truth, our honorable clan was forced underground by the prejudices of the outside world. In his long years of exile, our beloved Don Kuro has grown into a wise and kindhearted leader. Soon, the divine forces that shape our world will bless him with the power to emerge from the underground and unite all people to create a more perfect world.

Under the benevolent guidance of Don Kuro, a new era of peace and prosperity will dawn. However, it won't come without a struggle-- the villains and vermin of the underworld, the lowly vampires who feed on the innocent, have banded together to destroy Don Kuro and crush the dream of a divinely-ordained kingdom of justice and harmony.

We ask for your help in fighting this vampire menace; all who pledge their loyalty will be cherished citizens of the Don's new world. Those who side with the vampires will be cast out of our kingdom forever. Join us and secure your place in the new world.*

- Franco

* Clicking this link will sign you up for this side and you will not be able to change your side later. Choose wisely.

  • Oct 2, 2012 Thank you.

Your loyalty to Don Kuro will not be forgotten.

- Franco

You've received:

Halloween 2k12 Kuro Gang Badge

Proudly wear the symbol of your faction!

Click here to see it in your inventory now!

  • Nov 1, 2012 Thank you, friend.

With your help, the Kuro Gang has routed the vampire rabble and won a decisive victory over those that would oppress us and push us underground. YOu fought on the side of peace and justice-- our highest ideals have prevailed, as they always do.

Your Don will not forget your loyalty during this difficult time. Soon, a new age will be upon us, and these little squabbles will be a thing of the past. The Don is preparing to revolutionize our entire way of life; he is thrilled to have you at his service, now and forever.

Here is small token of our appreciation.

Thank you,

- Franco

Go to your inventory to see what you've received.

Event ConclusionEdit

The Kuro Gang has managed to best the Von Helson team with a final score of 198 to 183. A private message from both Ambrosia and Franco were sent out, with Ambrosia stating that the fight wasn't over, while Franco guaranteed more things to come. A final manga update showed Cordell confronting Don Kuro about his actions.

Event ItemsEdit

Event Items: Trick-or-TreatingEdit

File:H2k12 items jack.png

Gaians were able to "trick-or-treat" in Gaia Shops (but not in Gaia Towns, for the first time) and earn candy to get Jack themed clothing. The number of shops to stop at was 22 in total. Only the La Victoire and Mecha Neko were not open for toting.

  • Jack's 2k12 Pumpkin Monocle - Adding a bit of class to Halloween!
  • Jack's 2k12 Pumpkin Cravat - A fancy orange crossed cravat.
  • Jack's 2k12 Pumpkin Sickle - A sickle useful for cutting down tall grass or reaping up little souls.
  • Jack's 2k12 Carved Face - Giving people the heebie-jeebies!
  • Jack's 2k12 Pumpkin Pants - Spooky Halloween stripe pants.
  • Jack's 2k12 Pumpkin Shoes - A pair of spooky Halloween shoes.
  • Jack's 2k12 Pumpkin Jacket - Spooky pumpkin-inspired jacket.
  • Jack's 2k12 Widebrim Hat - A shady pumpkin hat.

Event Items: Helson - KuroEdit


Von Helson

  • Halloween 2k12 Von Helson Badge - Proudly wear the symbol of your faction!
  • Halloween 2k12 Mourning Armband - Paying tribute to your fallen friends...
  • Halloween 2k12 Von Helson Healing Potion - Show those elves who's boss by healing your wounds!
  • Halloween 2k12 Von Helson Gun - Attack!
  • Halloween 2k12 Von Helson Bat Familiar - Summon your familiar into battle!
  • Halloween 2k12 Von Helson Militia Coat - You have proved your loyalty to your faction.

Kuro Gang

  • Halloween 2k12 Kuro Gang Badge - Proudly wear the symbol of your faction!
  • Halloween 2k12 Throne of Bones - The brutal victor, sitting atop a throne of your enemies' bones...
  • Halloween 2k12 Kuro Gang Healing Potion - Show those vampires who's boss by healing your wounds!
  • Halloween 2k12 Kuro Gang Sword - Attack!
  • Halloween 2k12 Kuro Gang Owl Familiar - Summon your familiar into battle!
  • Halloween 2k12 Kuro Gang Militia Coat - You have proved your loyalty to your faction.

Gaia ShopsEdit

The TreehouseEdit

Each skin potion cost 20 Wing Stickers

  • Halloween 2k12 Light Dark Elf Potion - Dark Elves sure are fit!
  • Halloween 2k12 Medium Dark Elf Potion - Dark Elves sure are fit!
  • Halloween 2k12 Dark Dark Elf Potion - Dark Elves sure are fit!
  • Halloween 2k12 Light Vampire Potion - Joke about glittering.
  • Halloween 2k12 Dark Vampire Potion - Joke about glittering.
  • Halloween 2k12 Medium Vampire Potion - Joke about glittering.

La VictoireEdit

Each item cost 399 Gaia Cash each[1]

  • Carmine Seductress - She'll lure you in with her beauty, but drain you dry with her thirst.
  • Sanguine Shiek - ...don't turn around.
  • Eventide Condottiere - You've got some nerve trying to think you'll get the best of me.
  • Dimmet Legionnaire - Obviously, I'm much more important than you are, so please don't think you're worth my time.

Trick-or-Treating QuotesEdit

What NPCs say when Gaians clicked to their shop to collect candy. Alphabetical, but starting with the most used phrase first.


  • Agatha: All this candy makes me feel like a kid again! Won't you have some?
  • Becky: Thanks for stopping by! Have some candy!
  • Bildeau: I have been programmed to dispense candy today. Please take some.
  • Brennivin: CANDY DAY! BEST! I feel like to POP in excitement! I had to casting magic to make serious face.
  • Carl: (Carl nods to a bowl of candy and grunts.)
  • Cresento: Take some candy an' be on your wway!
  • Ian: I just love Halloween! Grab some candy, I have plenty of it!
  • Josie: Take some candy, it wouldn't be Halloween without it!
  • Liam: Awww yeah, it's candy time!
  • Louie: Have some candy, it's useless to me.
  • Mirai: Go ahead and take some candy, they're as colorful as my fish!
  • Moira: Rad costume, you deserve some candy!
  • Natasha: Take some candy, but be careful-- I think I dropped some studs in there.
  • Nicolae: I "found" a bunch of want some?
  • Old Man Logan: Open yer hand for some good ol' candy, fishface!
  • Rina: Have some fresh candy, made from scratch!
  • Ruby: Here have some candy...or else Peyo will eat it all!
  • Sam: Here's a treat that's sticky and sweet!
  • Sasha: I need to get rid of this candy, I don't wanna get fat!
  • Stein: What a great costume! Here, have some candy!
  • Vanessa: I guess you can have some candy...
  • The Wing Scouts: Jay: You can have some candy...but not all of it!

ToTing too Quickly:

  • NPC all: Don't be greedy, I already gave you some candy.
  • Agatha: Go easy on the candy...I don't want you to get a tummy ache! You can get more in (# secs).
  • Becky: Why don't you play some games...I'm kinda busy right now. You can get more in (# secs).
  • Bildeau: More candy? This request cannot be fulfilled at the moment. You can get more in (# secs).
  • Brennivin: "I consider myself married to my work."... *giggle* You can get more in (# secs).
  • Carl: (Carl coughs up a piece of candy still in the wrapper.) You can get more in (# secs).
  • Cresento: I already gavve you candy, so don't ask for more. You can get more in (# secs).
  • Ian: ...I guess I don't have that much. Can you come back later? You can get more in (# secs).
  • Josie: Hey! I'd like to keep a few for myself! You can get more in (# secs).
  • Liam: Man, I have candy sticking to my abs, I need to go hose myself down. You can get more in (# secs).
  • Louie: You know what I'd like to snack on? Your blood. You can get more in (# secs).
  • Mirai: Why don't you take a look at my fish? I need to get some more candy from the back. You can get more in (# secs).
  • Moira: Hold on...I need to save some for later! You can get more in (# secs).
  • Natasha: I'm out of candy at the moment, how about a nice, flashy piercing? You can get more in (# secs).
  • Nicolae: I need to keep most of this candy cache for myself! You can get more in (# secs).
  • Old Man Logan: I think i'm gonna go fishin'! All this candy grabbin' is makin' me weary... You can get more in (# secs).
  • Rina: Wow, this candy is really good...can't stop eating it. You can get more in (# secs).
  • Ruby: Hold your horses, I need to save some for the children! You can get more in (# secs).
  • Sam: Alright, I need to get back to fixin' up cars! You can get more in (# secs).
  • Sasha: Hey, I need to save some for later! You can get more in (# secs).
  • Stein: You don't need to be greedy. There will be more candy available in (# secs).
  • Vanessa: Chill out...I think you've had enough. You can get more in (# secs).
  • The Wing Scouts: Monia: Hey we need to have some candy too! You can get more in (# secs).

ToTing Complete:

  • NPC all: You sure are working hard for your candy! Here, have something extra:

Criticism & ComplimentsEdit

  • Those who did trick or treating were disappointed to find that only one set of Jack items could be collected per account, as oppose to previous events which allowed up to three or two sets per account. Although this could be solved by using a Mule. A Gaia staff member claimed the reason for this change was for realism.[2][3]
  • There were request to extend the event beyond it's 2 week date due to glitches during the events early release, game lagging and natural catastrophes.[4][5]
  • Due to the amount of attacking and healing required to gain items and eventual an achievement. As well as keeping the chosen sides points up, it was considered tedious and boring. The use of scoring based on activity was also questioned.[6][7]
  • There were those who disliked that the Vampire race was in another major event. While the Dark elves were rarely seen during previous events, their presence in the event was also criticized. Although both races were needed based on the recent storyline.[8]
  • There were compliments for the event and shop items. And the games simplicity.[9][10]

Glitches & ProblemsEdit

As no event on Gaia has ever gone on without glitches, Here is the "event" event Glitches.

Glitches: Site & ForumEdit

  • When trick or treating began, it was uncertain if there was a glitch with the shop, or if it was Gaians not going to each shop as directed, thus getting an incomplete.
  • An issue was found with the event URLs that could cause some unwanted issues for users.
  • At the beginning of the event, when ending a minigame with 0 points it counted as an attack. So people were using that to beef up their scores or to just get their items faster.[11]
    • There was a bug that didn't allow the flash game to appear if players switched to pages within a thread. It required reloading.[12]
    • An error issue with the flash game's message intro.[13]
  • The new skin potions affected the base of the avatar.[14]

Dev AlertsEdit

  • Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2012 2:46 pm[15]

Lines Have Been Drawn

The time has come to decide where your loyalties lie. Whose side will you choose? Make sure you know what you're doing though, you won't get the chance to change your mind later.

  • Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2012 8:04 pm[16]

Event PMs Turned Off

We've uncovered an issue with the event URLs that could cause some unwanted issues for users. We've disabled the sending of these PMs for now. This means that the links in the PMs already sent out will no longer work so don't worry if you suddenly get errors when clicking them. We'll let you know when we turn them back on (probably tomorrow) so just sit tight in the meantime!

  • Posted: Wed Sep 26, 2012 1:46 pm[17]

Event PMs Are a Go!

We believe we've fixed the underlying issues with the previous URLs and have decided to turn the event back on now. We've also set it up so that if you have not already joined a team, you should receive two new PMs with new URLs that should allow you to join either team. Remember, you can only join one side and once you choose, you can't go back so make sure you're positive of your choice before you click that link!

  • Posted: Tue Oct 16, 2012 9:40 pm[18]

Event forums disabled

The Halloween event forums have been temporarily disabled while we do some testing, they'll be back up as soon as we're done!

  • Posted: Wed Oct 17, 2012 8:34 pm[19]

Halloween 2012

Everything should now be rolled out and at least partially functioning. We're still working on a couple loose ends like keeping the leaderboard updated and fixing the unclickable buttons in the forums but most pieces of the event should be functioning. If you do happen to have trouble with clicking a button somewhere, just follow the advice that Lanzer made here and refresh your page.

We'll be watching things throughout the night to make sure nothing horrible happens. In the meantime, if you run into issues, just head over to Bug Reports and make a thread/post in an existing thread there with your problem.

Happy Halloween!

  • Thu Oct 18, 2012 4:06 pm[20]

Halloween Fixes

We've pushed several fixes for the Halloween event which should do the following:

  • Update the team stats and leaderboard every hour
  • Fix any missed item grants and grant all future items correctly
  • Show your correct energy levels in the various forum/thread headers (attack energy for the main forum, heal energy for the two home forums)
  • Correct some styling issues

We're still looking into what is causing the lag and figuring out our options for the unclickable buttons on new pages. As mentioned before, if you run into a button like this, just refresh the page and that should fix it.

For those confused about what exactly the total team score is and how we are determining it, I've added a blurb about it to the Event Guide to help explain it.


Did you know that there are leaderboards for each team's players? It's true! To check them out, just go to the event landing page and click on the name of either team. You'll see a list of the top 10 attackers and healers for that team and if you're on the team, you'll see where you rank as compared to everyone on your team. If you're in the top 10, you'll see your name bolded, otherwise you'll see your position and score at the end of the top 10 list. These scores and positions will be updated every hour along with the rest of the leaderboard.


  • Posted: Thu Oct 18, 2012 9:01 pm[21]

Issue with Halloween 2K12 Vampire/Dark Elf Skin Potions

Hey Gaians!

We wanted to let you know there is currently a pesky bug with the Halloween 2K12 Skin Potions that causes certain avatar glitches. For this reason, we'll be temporarily removing these skin potions from The Treehouse. Not to worry, we're working to fix the bugs and put the potions back in The Treehouse as soon as we can!

In the meantime, if your avatar has been affected/become glitched due to using one of these potions, please read this thread to find out how to get help.

And if you have one of the potions but haven't used it, please don't use it until we say it is ok to do!

We're sorry for any frustration this may cause you, and know we're working to get this resolved as quickly as possible.

Be well ^^


  • Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2012 12:37 pm[22]


Hey again everyone!

I wanted to post a follow-up message regarding the recent glitches with using skin potions.

It has been brought to our attention that this bug isn't just affecting Halloween 2K12 skin potions, but all potions you can use to change your avatar's skin - d'oh! Talk about a most pesky bug!

At this point, we are urging all Gaians NOT TO USE any skin potions to change your avatar's base skin tone as it will cause your avatar to glitch, and you'll be unable to save your avatar.

If you have a potion in your inventory and it hasn't been used, please hang onto the item until this issue is fixed. If you haven't bought a skin potion yet, we suggest you hold off on doing so until the problem is resolved.

Again, we're so sorry about this, and know this is a very frustrating bug for everyone. We're working on resolving this as quickly as possible, and thank you for your patience while we sort this out. We'll let you know when we have a fix.

Be well


  • Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2012 2:52 pm[23]

FOLLOW UP: Skin Potions Bug -FIXED!

Hey Gaia!

Good news! It looks like the issue with using the skin potions has been fixed - yay!

Going forward, anyone not currently affected by the bug should have no issues using skin potions, and no problem with saving their avatars, avatar not showing when previewing items, etc. Given this, we will not be providing refunds of Wing Stickers or Gaia gold for potions that were purchased/used after this post as your account will not be affected by the glitch. The refund is for those avatars who have been inconvenienced for this bug.

For those of you whose avatars are still currently affected by the glitch, not to worry - the fix to correct your issues will be live soon. Also, if you have already posted in my thread in the Halloween forum regarding the Wing Sticker/Gaia gold refund for the glitched potion, we will provide the refund as promised.

Thanks for being so patient with us while we worked this out!

Take care and Happy Halloween!


  • Posted: Tue Oct 23, 2012 1:11 pm[24]

Halloween Attacks/Heals

I've just submitted a patch that prevents everyone from getting credit for scoring 0 in either the attacking or healing mini-games. This was something we had been considering since the event was released but I had held off because I wanted everyone to have the choice of whether they wanted to play for their team or simply get the items and run. Unfortunately, there was a growing trend of users who would excessively spam 0 point attacks/heals in order to artificially inflate their personal stats to get to the top of the team leaderboards.

After analyzing it further, the increasing number of 0 point attacks/heals was actually harming the overall team scores. By attacking and doing no damage, a user would considered "active" but would not be contributing at all to a kill for their team. With the kills growing more slowly and the number of active members growing more quickly, the overall team totals also started to slow down. The team who had more players doing this started to fall further behind in the total score, from 1-3 down to 4-6 down.

We decided that it was in the best interest of the event to prevent these kind of attacks going forward and so, the patch was made. We will NOT be resetting anyone's stats and nothing will actually change except for the fact that no one will receive credit for scoring 0 in the games going forward.

  • Wed Oct 24, 2012 12:52 pm[25]

Halloween Message Box Error

I've pinpointed the cause of the issue that was preventing players from starting a game and only showing them a box with the word "Message" in it. A fix for this has just gone out and should remedy the problem for everyone.


We've received multiple reports of issues with lag when trying to play the games. After looking into it we can't find any issue on our end that is causing this lag and based on the feedback in forums, it seems to be happening on a computer by computer basis. Here are some tips to reduce any lag you may encounter when playing the games:

  • Right click in the game and change the Quality setting to Low
  • Go to your account settings and disable the ability to see users' Aquariums, users' signatures, users' images, or any combination of those three things
  • Reduce the number of tabs/windows you have running simultaneously if they contain memory-heavy content
  • Only play one instance of the game at a time. Multiple instances of the game could easily sap the available processes on your computer and slow all the instances down.
  • Try a different browser if you're finding only one has the most problems (Chrome and Firefox seem to work well for most users)
  • Posted: Mon Oct 29, 2012 1:09 pm[26]

Halloween Event Ending

This year's Halloween event will be wrapping up on Wednesday night at 12:00am PST. If you haven't collected everything already, make sure you take some time to fight for your team and earn your event items/achievement or visit the shopkeepers and collect candies for some Trick or Treat goodies. At midnight on the 31st, everything will be turned off so you won't be able to earn anything after that point.

You have 61 hours, 50 minutes, and some seconds to get anything you've missed so far. Good luck!

  • Posted: Wed Oct 31, 2012 6:08 pm[27]

Come vote in our Gaia 2K12 Pumpkin Carving Contest and you could win some gold!

Hello everyone! Hope you are having an amazing Halloween full of spooky fun.

We recently had a pumpkin carving contest in the office, and we want YOU to help us pick a winner. Stop by the official Gaia 2K12 Pumpkin Carving Contest thread for details on how to enter.

If you are one of 3 lucky winners, you could score a cool 250,000 Gaia gold. Pretty neat hey?

Take care and Happy Halloween!


  • Posted: Thu Nov 01, 2012 2:08 pm[28]

Manga Update

Hey guys, have you seen the manga update!!!! If so, you'll probably want to look again. I'm not saying this is what happened but it's possible that someone, like myself, may have accidentally left out a page. Again this is all hypothetical but if something like that were to happen rest assured that person would be woefully shamed and disgraced, and probably forced to make a notice letting everyone know that it happened. Again, I'm not saying that that's what happened, but just in case you might want to look it over, especially know... around maybe... page 7.

Check out the manga

  • Posted: Thu Nov 01, 2012 8:37 pm[29]

Halloween Wrap-up and Stats

Well, it's been a crazy 2 weeks but all things must come to an end and this year's Halloween event is no exception. It was a hard fought battle but the Kuro Gang has managed to best the Von Helson team with a final score of 198 to 183. Final event items are currently being sent out to everyone on both teams so keep your eyes on your inbox for a PM from your respective team's leader.

Now, there were several requests for the formula used to calculate the score to be revealed. While we weren't going to reveal it during the event for obvious reasons, we see no reason to not reveal it now. So, without further adieu, here is your hotly debated metric for deciding team scores.

Total Score = (# of Kills / # of Active* Attackers on the Team) + (# of Heals / # of Active* Healers on the Team)

  • To qualify as an active attacker or healer, you had to attack or heal at least 10 times.

There you have it, that's really all there was. No secret weight, no predetermined result, just a formula that benefits the team who has the most active members on it. What good is a formula without the stats though? I've included the end-of-event stats that I will be giving my supervisors as part of my post-event report. You won't find stats any more official than these.

And of course, what would an event be without its leaderboards? Here are your Halloween 2012: The Don event leaders.

Congratulations to everyone who participated and I hope you had fun!

- Kenny


  • This is the first Halloween, since the towns creation, that Gaia Towns was not an option for trick or treating. This is because Gaia was focusing on building up Gaia Towns 2, which eventually make the other obsolete.[30]
  • During the month of October there were Halloween related updates to the Gaia Shops: CrosStitch for it's Monster Costume contest, Barton Boutique for costumes, and Buttercup Cafe for pumpkins.
  • zOMG was not able to have a full event due to time constraints and the new area called DMS occupying previous Halloween event activity. But Halloween Jack and Pumpkin Fluffs were available to fight.[31][32]


Gallery: NPCs in CostumeEdit

Gallery NPC: Halloween 2k12

H2k12 thedon header
H2k12 whatshotmodule homepage bkgd
Whats hot module, The Don
H2k12 whatshotmodule homepage thumb
The Don icon
H2k12 thedon icon
gif, The Don
H2k12 bg splash
Splash page
H2k12 bg landing
Landing page
H2k12 btn kuro hover
Kuro Gang button, hover
H2k12 btn vonhelson hover
Von Helson button, hover
H2k12 forum header
Forum header
GA BattleHardened
Awarded to the noble combatants who attacked and healed 1000 times in the 2012 Halloween battle.
H2k12 vampire-getitem
Get Item, Vampire side
H2k12 h2k12forumbg main
Background, main forum
H2k12 h2k12forumbg vamp
Background, Vampire side
H2k12 h2k12forumbg elves
Background, Dark Elf side
H2k12 250v8uv
Overall Team Metrics
H2k12 etbo5h
Leader board
Pm npc 2k12sep25 oct02 nov01 vonhelson and kuro
PM from Von Helson and Kuro Gang
Pm npc 2k12sep25 oct02 nov01 vonhelson
PM from Von Helson side
Pm npc 2k12sep25 oct02 nov01 kuro
PM from Kuro Gang side

See alsoEdit

  • Event Guide: H2k12
  • Halloween items


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