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The Halloween 2k10 event had a build up starting October 21, 2010, while the full event kicked off on October 26th. The title for the event was "Grave Danger". Gaians unite to repel the ghostly invaders.


Due to the effects of chemical waste Byproduct 2113 being dumped onto the graveyard grounds of the formerly named, Peaceful Meadow Cemetery. The product had formed a sub-soil barrier impenetrable to the souls of the dead. Those buried in the graveyard were trapped in the private hell of their slowly rotting corpse.

Michael J. Drink worked tirelessly to create an antidote of Byproduct 2113. However, upon discovering an antidote and spraying the contaminated areas, Micheal had not taken into account the psychological effects that years of confinement the spirits were subjected to. The antidote freed the spirits from their graves, but their anger grew.

It was up to Gaians to free the tortured souls by overpowering them.


The theme of the event was revealed gradually, starting off in the GCD in a sticky thread with the mention of ghost. Gaians joined in and began speculating and stating some of their own knowledge about ghost. The late Johnny K. Gambino was even brought up in various postings fueling even more curiosity of the upcoming event.

When October 14th arrived ghostly NPCs began to appear around Gaia. Each had their own Gaia Journal and took the opportunity to type about themselves and their previous lives. Some appeared to be rather indifferent to being ghostly dead, while others were unaware or even distressed about it. By October 18th they made their presence more known by appearing in threads and posting among Gaians and even accepting friendship. However by October 20th the attitude of the apparitions appeared to get more disturbing as they chatted amongst themselves and accused humans of mocking them. With various thread postings they began to state vengeance.

Event Beginning: First Day & Rest of the EventEdit

H2k10 MainPage

Grave Danger! Mainpage

H2k10 MainPage defeated

Grave Danger! Mainpage - Ghosts marked Defeated

  • Oct 18

A man known as The Gravedigger posted a warning to Gaians of the ghost. Stating that he could have possibly have had some part to play in their release, though his intention was to free them from their torment. He then compiled a catalog of the ghost, giving a small summary about each one. While he logged the ones he was aware of, he feared there were more lurking about.

  • Oct 22

Without seeing an official announcement, many Gaians found they they could Trick or Treat in Gaia Towns. A forum for the event had since been created a few days before called Halloween 2010: Grave Danger!, occupying the Hot Topics forum instead of the usual Event forum as previous threads have been held.

  • Oct 26

A 7-page manga was released, 47 Grave Danger! Origins that told the story of the rise of OMNIDRINK™ and the events that tie into Halloween 2k10.

  • Oct 27

The shopkeepers are open for business, dressed for Halloween and passing out candy.

  • Oct 28

The 2010 Halloween Event started as well as the zOMG Halloween Event: Jack's Back Event.

  • Nov 03

Gaia Forum: Ghost Farewells

  • Nov 08

Halloween Extended: The Halloween event and Trick or Treating in shops and towns was extended until Wednesday the 10th at midnight PST

  • Nov 10

Gaia Event: Halloween 2k10 Extended again, to Friday while zOMG! Halloween event has been extended until Monday.

  • Nov 12

Halloween 2k10 Trick or Treating in the town and shops shutdown.

  • Nov 15

zOMG! Halloween Event have finally ended. This years event was awesome. Thanks to everyone for there help sitting all the ghosts free.


Jak Bauer: AnnouncementEdit

  • Oct 8 Official Gaia Halloween Thread [1]

October is here and it’s getting chilly outside. We’re bundling up over here at Gaia HQ, mostly because the stupid air conditioner is still cooling the office, but it is definitely getting colder outside. With the cold come comfort foods, toasty fires, and thoughts of Halloween. Speaking of Halloween, we’re happy to announce that we are definitely having a Halloween event this month! I’ve heard whispers from ghosts, but I don’t know what’s going on yet. Do you care to help me speculate? What would whispers from ghosts have to do with the Halloween event? What could that mean??

[NPC] Michael J. Drink: AnnouncementsEdit

H2k10 Avatar MichaelJ.Drink TheGravedigger
  • Oct 26 Grave Danger Manga [2]

I think...I think we're safe here. These ghosts-- I can't get away from them! And they only seem to be getting stronger. Oh gods, here comes another...

Time is short. I need your help. Here: take this and read it. It explains how these ghosts came to be and why I am to blame for unleashing them. I only hope we're not too late-- or too weak-- to stop them.

Read the Manga
Back! Back you hellbeast!

  • Oct 28 Prepare yourselves for GRAVE DANGER! [3]

By now you know of the ghostly apparitions plaguing Gaia, and my own shameful part in their release. The ghosts have been gaining power, and can no longer be ignored. If we are to save ourselves-- and free these poor, tortured souls-- we must fight them.

There are 18 lesser ghosts following the command of seven twisted ghost bosses. These bosses will be emerging throughout the event as the battle intensifies. They're much too powerful for any one Gaian to defeat alone, and thus the community must rally together to vanquish them. If all goes well, each boss won't survive long, so fight them while you can. If you helped defeat one, you should see a treasure chest appear where they once stood. It'll contain a reward for helping save Gaia from the torments of otherworldly rule.

The ghostly bosses are not to be taken lightly-- only the strongest can confront them. To ready yourself for the challenge, you'll need to hone your skills and abilities by fighting the lesser ghosts. These ghosts can still pack a punch, so don't forget to heal during battle. Good luck, Gaians!

Experience Grave Danger

  • Nov 03 A Scientific Breakthrough! [4]

I've just made an amazing discovery! With a new compound, I can partially reverse the warping effects of Byproduct 2113. In addition, I can exercise some effect on the direction the defeated ghosts take as they are set free from Byproduct 2113.

Since I could not have done this without you-- and since I abhor the arrogant megalomania of my father-- I want your opinions on what fate should befall each of the ghosts. Should they be dissolved into the great hereafter, sentenced to eternity in Hell Prison, or remain in this plane of existence in a new form?

Vote on the Ghosts' Fates

[NPC] admin: AnnouncementEdit

  • Oct 28: zOMG Halloween Event: Jack's Back [5]

With Gaians everywhere fighting to dispel the horde of evil ghosts, Jack is none too pleased. The additional ghostly energy has amplified his power, but as Gaians continue to defeat the ghosts his grip is slipping. Now Jack has gone on the offensive in zOMG!, loosing tons of ghosts and sometimes appearing personally to defend them from do-gooder Gaians.

To continue the fight to save Gaia from ghostly invaders, head on over to zOMG!-- before it's too late.

Play zOMG!

Event ConclusionEdit

  • Nov 3

Ghost Farewells, Gaians decided what happens to the defeated ghosts. Each ghosts created a thread wherein they typed their apologize and feeling much better about themselves and others. The threads contained a poll with the choices:

  • Dissolve blissfully into the world beyond, losing all memory and identity
  • Serve a hard term in Hell Prison.

The third choice was in relation to ghosts' backstory, personality, and actions. This choice potentially would be a positive existence for the ghost or a negative one, depending on how they were viewed by the voter.

Event ItemsEdit

Event Items: Trick-or-TreatingEdit


As always, Gaians were able to trick-or-treat in Gaia Shops or in Gaia Towns to earn candy to give to Jack in return for Jack themed clothing.

  • Fightin' Jack's 2k10 Twisted Hat - This hat is twisted and sharply cut, with a wide brim and bent top for added character.
  • Fightin' Jack's 2k10 Pumpkin Cravat - A ruffled cravat with a pumpkin clip, giving a refined look to Halloween.
  • Fightin' Jack's 2k10 Flashy Cape - A dark cape with scalloped edges, making it flutter threateningly in the wind.
  • Fightin' Jack's 2k10 Sharp Coat - A long, stylish coat with sharp outlines, thick cuffs and a high collar, making for a sinister appearance.
  • Fightin' Jack's 2k10 Silk Boxers - These boxers are the height of Halloween undergarment fashion!
  • Fightin' Jack's 2k10 Cuffed Trousers - These pants are slim with thick cuffs on the ends, giving a stylish appearance while still looking dark.
  • Fightin' Jack's 2k10 Stomper Boots - Heavy boots with a thick sole and shin guards, perfect for kicking your way to the candy through the throngs of kids!
  • Fightin' Jack's 2k10 Reaping Sword - A large, thick sword with a devilishly black blade, used for wreaking havoc on All Hallows' Eve.

Event Items: SpecialEdit

H2k10 Ghost Skin Item

(The Treehouse)

  • Ghost Skin 2k10 - "It is a hard world where you must kill the ones you knew in life to set them free."

LIMITED PRICE!!! The price of this item will increase when the Halloween 2010 event ends*

Event Items: Ghost BossEdit


When a ghost boss was defeated, the boss will flee and drop a locked chest. Once enough Gaians have defeated the boss, the chest unlocked and the community could claim a prize.

  • Carrie Loggins's Treasure - Grave Danger Spectral Shroud: Like a fog on a dark night its ethereal vestment cloaked me, hiding my ill intent from the prying eyes of others. (Released 10/28)
  • Tia & Tamara's Treasure - Grave Danger Yurei Doll: A traditional porcelain doll—cute, but with an unmistakable aura of malice... (Released 10/29)
  • Bruce Hardcastle's Treasure - Grave Danger Potato's Requiem: Imagine an eternity in that circle of Hell reserved for murdering spuds... (Released 11/01)
  • Edith Drink's Treasure - Grave Danger Widow's Parasol: This parasol once belonged to a widow who mourned her beloved's death until the day she too died... (Released 11/02)
  • Daring Dan's Treasure - Grave Danger Stuntman's Jacket: The flameproof jacket of the afterlife's most dangerous stuntman. (Released 11/03)
  • Queen Riverwisp's Treasure - Grave Danger Fairy Wings: Ghostly wings plucked from Queen Riverwisp herself. (Released 11/04)
  • William F. Drink's Treasure - Grave Danger Funeral Frame: In loving memory... (Released 11/05)

Event Items: zOMGEdit

  • Night Fright Skin - Wear this and be the death of the party!
Recipe: Night Fright Skin - This recipe lets you create the special 2009 Halloween item, the Night Fright Skin.
Recipe Ingredients: (20) x Werewolf Pelt / (20) x Vampire Blood / (8) x Pumpkin Lid / (14) x Candy Corn / (3) x Dental Floss
  • Pumpkin Fluff Plushie - Because a Fluff in a watermelon would have been RIDICULOUS.
Recipe: Pumpkin Fluff Plushie - This recipe lets you create the special Halloween item, the Pumpkin Fluff Plushie.
Recipe Ingredients: (200) x Pumpkin Fluff Ball
  • Cursed Pumpkin - Concentrated dark energy from the ghosts located in the graveyard next to Omnidrink has tainted this pumpkin, a shed seed of Jack's persona itself. Encapsulated within are objects that can't break out of this impenetrable shell. Although like a pumpkin plucked from the vine, in time this exterior will wither and the wicked power dissipate, allowing access inside.
Item(s) within the Cursed Pumpkin are - Received by Defeating Jack.
  • Ring: Sugar Rush - Forget runner's high for speed, this ring gives you a dose of high fructose energy to put an extra spring in your step. So, give it a lick, you'll gain an increase in speed, dodge and willpower. This effect is passive, so no need to activate anything.
  • Ghostie - To show their appreciation in being freed from Jack's control, these little spirits will follow you for the rest of their afterlife.
  • Marshall Companion - Your personal space is being invaded, by someone who's going to shadow your every move. Privacy no longer belongs to you. It's Marshall's. How creeeepy...

Ingredients: zOMGEdit

  • Candy Corn - Loved by few, ignored by most. What does it taste like? Not corn. Sugar? Maaaaybe. But they are definitely the taste of Halloween!
  • Dental Floss - Don't forget to floss every time you brush. Don't forget to brush everytime you eat. Don't forget to read things that tell you what you already know. Don't forget to go insane from people telling you what not to forget.
  • Pumpkin Lid - Y'know when you leave your pumpkin outside too long, and then you pull the lid up and you can hear the pumpkin rot suck away as you pull?
  • Pumpkin Seed - Suitable for oven roasting, planting to attract the Great Pumpkin, or making a collage in grade school that your mother can pretend to cherish but then 'lose' in a few weeks.
  • Toothbrush - The scourge of treat-or-treaters everywhere. Second only to getting a rock.
  • Vampire Blood - Well, technically, this blood is purloined from other things, but the vampire had it inside it, so we'll call it ' 'vampire' ' blood, okay?
  • Werewolf Pelt - Here's a bit of the hair of the dog that bit ya!
  • Pumpkin Fluff Ball - Fluffy soft pumpkin colored ball of—hey, are these seeds?!

Trick-or-Treating QuotesEdit

What NPCs say when Gaians clicked to their shop to collect candy. Alphabetical, but starting with the most used phrase first.


  • Julie / Sam: What a great costume! Here, have some candy!
  • Agatha: What an enchanting costume! Would you like some candy?
  • Becky: Dance for your candy, you little monster!
  • Bildeau: Greetings, partner. Stick them up. Stick up your hands if you desire candy.
  • Brennivin: Looking good! Want some candy? Nyohoho!
  • Carl: (Carl lets out a deathly moan and turns away. His candy is momentarily unprotected.)
  • Edmund: Why yes, I do have candy. Oh, you want some? Here, have at it.
  • Ian: Cool costume! Want some candy?
  • Josie: Ooh, I like your style. Very...interesting. Care for some candy?
  • Liam: Pretty sweet, right? I meant my abs, but I've got some candy too.
  • Mirai: Ooh, nice costume! Put out your hand and close your eyes, and you will get a sweet surprise.
  • Moira: Want some candy? I've got littls pieces of chocolate in a shell!
  • Natasha: Know the magic word that unlocks candy from my sinister elven lair? Hint: it starts with "please."
  • Nicolae: Come on in, my droog! I've got plenty of sladky treats for you!
  • Old Man Logan: Ya want some candy, bub? Well come and get it!
  • Rina: This candy is so delicious! Yum, here, try some!
  • Ruby: Here's something sweet for you. I mean the candy, smartass.
  • Sasha: Do you think my costume is a-peeling?! Get it! Ha ha, want some candy?
  • Vanessa: I've got plenty of candy for everyone. Unless they have stupid hair.
  • The Wing Scouts: Grr, we're scary monsters! Want some candy?

ToTing too Quickly:

  • Julie / Sam: You don't need to be greedy. There will be more candy available in (# secs).
  • Agatha: Cleopatra is just and wise-- and that means no more candy for you. You can get more in (# secs).
  • Becky: You're after me like the paparazzi! I already gave you candy-- what more do you want?! You can get more in (# secs).
  • Bildeau: Your candy request is being processed. Your candy request is denied. Goodbye partner. You can get more in (# secs).
  • Brennivin: I'm busy...doing stuff. Nyohoho! You can get more in (# secs).
  • Carl: (Carl shambles over to his candy and protects it with his horns. You better back off.) You can get more in (# secs).
  • Edmund: You look awfully familiar...wait a minute, you're some kind of candymongering scoundrel! You can get more in (# secs).
  • Ian: Everyone gets one piece. Don't make me go super Saiyan on you. You can get more in (# secs).
  • Josie: Sorry, I've only got enough to give you each one piece. You can get more in (# secs).
  • Liam: You see those underwear commercials I did? I bet you want to see what happens next. You can get more in (# secs).
  • Mirai: I think I might go trick or treating for a little bit... You can get more in (# secs).
  • Moira: I think I'm going to keep some of this candy for myself. You can get more in (# secs).
  • Natasha: The only bad part of this costume is it covers up the tats on my arms. You can get more in (# secs).
  • Nicolae: Not right now, I'm having a nip of moloko for myself. You can get more in (# secs).
  • Old Man Logan: I don't fathom this trick or treat business. You got a whole lake 'o fishes out there all year round! You can get more in (# secs).
  • Rina: Holy cannoli, I can't stop eating these things. I can't spare a single one! You can get more in (# secs).
  • Ruby: You've already gotten a piece. Fly along now! You can get more in (# secs).
  • Sasha: Can' fit...through this...door. You can get more in (# secs).
  • Vanessa: I've got a friend over right now. It's a bad time for me. You can get more in (# secs).
  • The Wing Scouts: Nom nom nom, can't talk, busying noming You can get more in (# secs).

ToTing Complete:

  • You sure are working hard for your candy! Here, have something extra: (Jack item).

ToTing Quotes: Jack

What NPC Jack would say when Gaians collected candy and found him in Gaia Towns.

0/100 Candies

  • muuhuuuhuuuuu... Gimme your candy, prankster!
  • Trick or Treating requires actually going to people's houses...

half/100 Candies

  • muuhuuuhuuuuu...Gimme your candy, prankster!
  • muuhuuuhuuuuu... I see ye've found me. WHAT IS THIS!? Don't insult me with such a paltry of an offering. Come back when ye gots enough candies to appease me!

100/100 Candies

  • muuhuuuhuuuuu...Gimme your candy, prankster!
  • muuhuuuhuuuuu... I see ye brings me candies and so shall ye be repaid with something for free.

Criticism & ComplimentsEdit

Gaians enjoyed the event build up, accumulation of Ghosts NPCs around the site, and OmniDrink's presence being expanded upon. The ghosts interacted with the community and even accepted friendship. However, upon discovering that the ghosts must be fought, some Gaians disapproved of this as they had grown attached their ghostly companions. This was smoothed over by informing the community that the ghosts were tormented and corrupted by Byproduct 2113, therefore fighting them to set them free was the right thing to do.

While the ghosts interaction was reminiscent to the arrival of the Zurg, some Gaians found the postings by a ghost to be spam or unintentional thread derailment. Other criticisms were the death stories of the ghosts, specifically [NPC] Chauncey who was considered to have the most tragic backstory.

When it came to the fighting game, the basic set up was easy to follow. But upon its release and merely a few hours of gameplay, some Gaians complained about the fighting being too hard and that defeating a ghost was difficult. In an attempt to please the Users who found the game difficult, some of the ghosts were given lower health, their attack damage diminished, and the frequency of their own attacks and healing lowered. While this made the fighting easier it caused more complaints by those who found it non-challenging.

The boss items were complimented for being unique and versatile, as each item related to a ghosts backstory. In comparison to previous Halloween events, the response to H2k10 was largely positive.

Glitches & ProblemsEdit

Hardly any issues or problems were a part of the H2k10 Event. Though similar to previous events, Users were let onto the event page a small amount at a time as to not overload the server. While battling some of the ghosts, there were reports of attacks not registering. All these were quickly corrected within a few hours.


  • This is the second Event OmniDrink was involved in, the first was their arrival during April Fools' Day Event 2K9.
  • This is the third event to involve a variety of NPCs interacting with the community either by posting in threads or using other parts of the site that showed their activity, the previous events being H2k4, Xmas2k5, and H2k6.


Gallery: NPCs in CostumeEdit

Gallery NPC: Halloween 2k10

H2k10 GhostLollipops
Ghost lollipops
H2k10 Fight16
Gaian fighting a ghost
H2k10 Fight25
Gaian fighting William F. Drink
H2k10 whatshotmodule homepage bkgd
Whats hot module, Grave Danger
H2k10 WhatsHot
Whats hot module, Grave Danger w/manga
H2k10 zOMGHalloween banner
zOMG! Halloween banner
GaiaTowns Halloween Jack1
Jack in Town cemetery
GaiazOMG Halloween Jack3
Jack in Village Greens

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