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The Grunny is a species of leporidae that mutated due to the results from the G-Virus. Debuting October 28, 2005 with the Halloween 2k5 event, and appearing in manga 04 Halloween '05 Part 1. They were, however, mentioned much earlier during 2004 in the journal entries of G CORP NPC:LabTechs, particularly the journal of LabTech101, who was given a colored rabbit to look after believing it to be a pet.


As lab animals they were used for experimentation purpose, many expiring due to reactions from various injections. The rabbit that was assigned to LT101 was taken by LabTech247 for his dipolar cellular distortions study. The rabbit ended up dying and LT247 responded to this by deposing of it in the furnace, but apparently not activating it, thus leaving the corpse to be picked up and given to LabTech062, who was ordered to inject the dead rabbit with experiment #410039. This inject caused the dead cells to resurrect within the Grunny.

After the events of the zombie outbreak, Gino Gambino wanted to finish what his father started, though unaware of the original intent. With the lab rebuilt and the rehiring of LabTech123 the attempt to recreate the G-Virus was in effect. And by capturing surviving mutated lab animals and using the DNA, LT123 was successful in recreating the G-Virus. However, his celebration was short, as LabTechX broke into the lab shutting down the power and freeing the Grunnies from their cages, causing a horde of them to make their way to the Gambino Mansion and its guest.

An announcement was given by Bucho who alerted Gaians of the situation and requested them to capture as many Grunnies as they could. While this task worked relatively well, the side effect was Gaians becoming affected by the Grunnies, thus turning them into a Grombie.


The Grunny is a stocky bodied creature with stubby rounded ears and red eyes set in the front of its head. They have four sharp fangs but a severe under bite, and a small nose. Their noticeable characteristic is their green fur while their tail remains fluffy and white.

Other typesEdit

In the journal entry of LT101, the rabbits he had seen were green and purple. It is unknown what type of injection resulted in a purple type. Another type is Diedrich, a lime green Grunny that is capable of talking and walking. He debuted in April 2010 and sprung from the urn that held Johnny Gambino's ashes.

Diedrich has the basic appearance of his species with slight differences, those being longer ears, an under bite with single tooth visible and red eyes with visible sclera.


The Grunny resembles the common rabbit with its most obvious anatomical features. Its name takes the word bunny and combines it with a "G", the "G" stemming from the color green.


The Grunny is aggressive and thirst for blood; they attack their potential prey by leaping and attaching themselves to their target. Former chief of research of G-Corp, Edmund, attempted to denature their aggression while maintaining their cuteness with the use of the contraption Suitomatic VII.

They don't appear to have an issue being around one another and have continued to breed over the years. Their aggressive nature has not stopped Gaians from keeping them as pets.


With help of the G-Virus, the Grunny has developed the ability to leap high and likely has enhanced senses beyond the typical rabbit.


  • It was LabTech101 who coined the term "Grunny" in journal Entry 7.
  • The Prunny is purple mutated rabbit released from the Dark Reflection Chance Item. Sharing the same features and characteristics only purple in coloring.
  • The Grunny was an animal to shoot for food in the Frontier Skies game.
  • Despite their aggressive tendencies and excessive breeding, the Grunnies have remained free range and continue to occupy parts of Gaia.

Grunny Items:

  • Gaia Events
    • Grunny Shirt → Halloween 2k5
    • Grunny Slippers → Halloween 2k5
    • Easter 2k10 Grunny Egg → Easter 2k10
  • Phin Phang
    • Aquarium Mini Monsters Grunny Sub
    • Mini Monsters Grunny Sub Drop
    • Mini Monsters Grunny Sub Card


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