|name = Gro-Gain Max

Introduced   = October 27, 2011
Type   = Drug (pill form)
Event  = Halloween 2k11
Created by = Labtech Gene
Distributed by = T-Bone

Gro-Gain Max is a drug, of some sort, that was introduced as a trial version during the 2011 Halloween Masquerade event. It was announced by Labtech Gene, a former employee of Map:G CORP, and headed by the return of T-Bone, also known as Evil Timmy.

Gro-Gain Max is supposedly a new and improved formula over its predecessor, Gro-Gain, a formula known to cause excessive hair growth. For the past several years, Gene claims he worked hard to revolutionize a new wonder drug.


Gro-Gain Max is still in the early testing stages, but is stated to cure baldness, sharpen the senses, improves the physique and invigorates the constitution. It washes away common colds, cures lower back pain and dissolves kidney stones. It's totally safe* and effective for both men and women.


Please consult your doctor if these side effects become intense, unbearable or permanent. Do not discontinue use of Gro-Gain Max.

Side effectsEdit

Gro-Gain Max may cause minor side effects, including nausea, upset stomach, headache, temporary fatigue, joint pain, disorientation, hairmouth, nocturnal triumph, sensitivity to sound, bowel cramping, the giggles, lecherous leg syndrome, oral burpies, inappropriate truthfulness, day terrors, lycanthropy, migraine, flat affect, tenderness, tingling in the extremities, dizziness and irregular heartbeat.


  • The mentioned side effect of the drug is said to be oral burpies, an apparently deadly diseases that has no cure and can cause death to a carrier.

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