Gaiapedia does NOT condone any use of such information to gain Gaia Gold and Gaia Items.

Gold and Item Generator scam  ([gohld jen-uh-rey-ter skam])

  1. To swindle (someone) by means of a trick.


An offsite form of phishing.


The scamEdit

This scam involves users being lead to a page the features an option of large sums of gold. Once a user selects what they want to receive, they are prompted to enter their Gaia username and password in order to receive the selected items. Another method is convincing a user that if they were to trade a low amount of gold to the scammer, that the scammer will return the gold twofold. (e.g 2,000 gold turning into 4,000 gold).

Another form is convincing a user to download a program that installs on their computer, this turns out be a keylogging program that copies every keystroke of a persons personal computer.

The item scam works similar by informing the user that a glitch happened with certain items and thus there are more than enough to trade.


Unfortunately, those who fall for this type of scam are likely not able to recover their account. The best the administrators can do is ban the accounts that were compromised and then preform an investigation on accounts that preformed the scamming.


External linksEdit

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