Gold Sink is a term used on Gaia Online.


It is an economic process by which currency (ex. 'gold'), or any item that can be valued against it, is removed, thereby deflating the prices of items. The exact origin of the term is unknown.[1]

Gold Sinks explainedEdit

Gold ShopsEdit

Another continuous form of a gold sink is changing one's avatar's appearance; this is done by going certain Gaia Shops such as Salon Durem and Skin Tyte, which provide hair and body modifications. If a Gaian wants a new hairstyle or skin, he or she has to pay gold to have this changed. Though many Gaians have tried to suggest ideas to keep their changes without repeatedly spending gold, they have been turned down.


There have been several uses of gold sinks. the most notable of these was the Save Our Shops event of April 2009, when a staggering 1,625,515,965 gold was donated. Every year since then has had many events surrounding holidays (i.e. Valentines day, Halloween, Summer, Christmas) with themed items to create Gold Sinks. The shop Dernier Cri is considered a gold sink because of its exuberant prices and limited selection of items.

Some users have proposed having another gold sink; the most notable of these is sending Rufus to college. These threads are generally found in the Site Feedback forum.

Account changesEdit

When one changes his or her username or gender changes, there is a fee to pay. For changing of the username, the first two changes are free, while 10,000 gold is compounded for every extra change. For changing the avatar gender, Gaians are given 2 free Gender Bender potions for doing so at the Account Setting page. After using the 2 free potions, they can buy more Gender Bender potions for 50,000 gold at Skin Tyte.


On March 2, 2010, the Saved Outfits feature was upgraded, allowing Gaians to add more slots. Extra outfit slots can be purchased for 10,000g each, up to a maximum of 12 total outfit slots.

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