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Gold Lotto was released on Gaia Online September 10, 2009. With every ticket Gaians bought, they had a chance at striking it rich and claiming Gold from an ever-growing jackpot. Originally the Gaia Lotto was in the Gaia Aquarium, it was then moved to its own page with a large icon at the top banner to access it. On November 2, 2009 the icon was removed from the banner and Gaia Lotto was placed under the Games tab.

The purchase of a ticket involved clicking the "Gold Lotto" link. Once Gaians purchased a 100 Gold ticket, they are given the chance to pick five numbers, with the option to buy extra tickets and play different numbers to increased the odds. Matching all 5 winning numbers would get the winner the largest share of the jackpot, though Gaians can still win by matching 3 or 4 numbers, this is a smaller jackpot resulting in a few thousand gold from the larger jackpot.

If no one guessed the winning numbers, then the Jackpot would roll over to the next day.

On September 30, 2009 the introduction of Power Picks was released. With Power Picks, by spending 49 Gaia Cash (or a bundle for 499 Gaia Cash), Gaians would be given an instant guarantee to two winning numbers for each ticket, reducing the amount of guessing needed by as much as 40%.

Defunct featureEdit

In September 2012, the feature was disabled and removed from the site. The developers claimed it was due to low usage.


GoldLotto Ticket
Ticket with no numbers
GoldLotto Choosenumbers
Choose numbers
GoldLotto Confirmnumbers
Confirm numbers
GoldLotto Ticketnumbers
Ticket with numbers
GoldLotto Mytickets
"My Tickets"
GoldLotto Congratulations
Winning ticket "Congratulations"
GoldLotto PM
Congratulations, PM from Mirai and Barrett
GoldLotto Powerpick
Power Pick

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