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GoFusion is an item feature that fuses charm currency in order to receive an item.



Located to the left is a box listing items one can receive from the feature.

  • Users can filter by: All, Animal, Hats, Tops, Bottoms, Shoes, Accessories, Items, Chance, Bundles, and Formula.
    • And also using an item search bar.
  • The listing generates by recent item additions and by the amount of charms one has to offer.
    • Meaning those that are highlighted are within the users currency range, those that are not are lightly filtered but clickable. The buttons below read 'Get Charms' or 'Close'.
  • The item entries consist of a title, description, an average marketplace value, and charm requirements.

Clicking on an item brings a dress-up preview.

  • Users can 'Start' or 'Close' the pop-up.
    • Clicking 'Start' goes to a confirmation pop-up. Here users are can 'Proceed' or 'Cancel' the pop-up.
    • Once fused the item will appear in the users inventory and the page will auto-refresh.


Located to the right is a box listing charm currency and the amount one has.

  • Your Charms - Heart, Star, Diamond / Get more (link to La Victoire)
  • Your Wildcards - A wildcard can be used in place of any charm! / Get more (link to La Victoire)
  • Unique Charms - These charms only appear on special occasions and activities, such as events.
  • GoFusion Forum - Discuss the secrets of GoFusion with other Gaians, or exchange charms! / Go to Forum (link)



By using the feature, users can also receive Achievements.

  • Fusion Novice - You’ve fused your first item!
  • Fusion Apprentice - You’ve fused ten items!
  • Fusion Expert - You’ve fused fifty items!
  • Fusion Master - You’ve fused 100 items!

Flavor textEdit

  • Filter by:
    • No formula available!
  • Name of Item
    • Charms required: __ Charm #
    • These quantities of charms will be subtracted from your inventory:
    • __ Charm #/#
    • Do you want to continue?
    • Proceed / Cancel
  • Name of Item
    • Charms required: __ Charm #
    • Congratulations!
    • You have successfully created this item!
    • It is now in your inventory.
    • Close


GoFusion Gallery

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External linksEdit

  • Icon forumntForum GoFusion - Discuss everything about our new feature, GOFusion!
  • Landing page Kickstart - GoFusion
  • Icon threadThread A Guide to GoFusion - kairinne Sun Aug 03, 2014 8:31 am

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