GoFusion is a feature that fuses charm currency in order to create an item.


Promotional textEdit

Looking for a fun new way to nab some fabulous items? Then it's time for GoFusion! With GoFusion you combine different charms to create gorgeous items. You might even stumble across some stunning new exclusives! Visit La Victoire to pick up your first pack of charms and start fusing!


Located to the left is a box listing items one can receive from the feature.

  • Users can filter by: All, Animal, Hats, Tops, Bottoms, Shoes, Accessories, Items, Chance, Bundles, and Formula.
    • And also using an item search bar.
  • The listing generates by recent item additions and by the amount of charms one has to offer.
    • Meaning those that are highlighted are within the users currency range, those that are not are lightly filtered but clickable. The buttons below read 'Get Charms' or 'Close'.
  • The item entries consist of a title, description, an average marketplace value, and charm requirements.

Clicking on an item brings a dress-up preview.

  • Users can 'Start' or 'Close' the pop-up.
    • Clicking 'Start' goes to a confirmation pop-up. Here users are can 'Proceed' or 'Cancel' the pop-up.
    • Once fused the item will appear in the users inventory and the page will auto-refresh.


Located to the right is a box listing charm currency and the amount one has.

  • Your Charms - Heart, Star, Diamond / Get more (link to La Victoire)
  • Your Wildcards - A wildcard can be used in place of any charm! / Get more (link to La Victoire)
  • Unique Charms - These charms only appear on special occasions and activities, such as events.
  • GoFusion Forum - Discuss the secrets of GoFusion with other Gaians, or exchange charms! / Go to Forum (link)



By using the feature, users can also receive Achievements.

  • Fusion Novice - You’ve fused your first item!
  • Fusion Apprentice - You’ve fused ten items!
  • Fusion Expert - You’ve fused fifty items!
  • Fusion Master - You’ve fused 100 items!

Flavor textEdit

  • Filter by:
    • No formula available!
  • Name of Item
    • Charms required: __ Charm #
    • These quantities of charms will be subtracted from your inventory:
    • __ Charm #/#
    • Do you want to continue?
    • Proceed / Cancel
  • Name of Item
    • Charms required: __ Charm #
    • Congratulations!
    • You have successfully created this item!
    • It is now in your inventory.
    • Close


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External linksEdit

  • Icon forumntForum GoFusion - Discuss everything about our new feature, GOFusion!
  • Landing page Kickstart - GoFusion
  • Icon threadThread A Guide to GoFusion - kairinne Sun Aug 03, 2014 8:31 am

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