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GAIA Online is a fun new way to search for anime and videogame links on the web, while conversing with those who share the same passion for Anime/Manga and Videogame related entertainment. Browse through thousands of links in our fully automated and updated database while enjoying and participating in our online community and built-in mini RPG by creating your own fully-customizable avatar character.

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1. GAIA doesn't seem to work in my browser, What is required to run GAIA on my computer?

- GAIA Online is optimized for Internet Explorer 5 with DHTML support and cookies at a screen resolution of 1024x768. The site was created to also support a screen resolution of 800x600, though best results occur at higher resolutions. Please report any graphical or formatting bugs to

2. How do I get one of those neato custom avatar characters like everyone else in the forum?

- By registering with GAIA, you can create your own custom avatar character. Simply register on the main page, or follow this link.

3. OK, I've registered, now what?

- Take a look around the Town Map for stuff to do. From there, you can access the Art Arena, the Forums, the Linklist Database, or go shopping in the Town Store.

4. How do I earn gold?

- As long as you are surfing the site you will earn gold. If you're active in the forums, art arena, etc, you will earn even more gold. It's that simple.

5. Even if I click on all those thousands of links in the linklist database?

- Yes, even those too. However, keep in mind that once you leave the GAIA site through one of those links, you will not earn any gold since GAIA cannot keep track of what you do outside of the site.

6. How do I spend the gold that I earn?

- Gold that you earn in GAIA can be used to purchase items and accesories for your character in the town store. To get to the town store, click on the Community Map button(denoted by the picture of the two heads talking) on the navigation bar on the upper right hand corner the window. Find the store(Shopping) on the map and click on it to get to the store.

7. How do I use the stuff I bought from the store?

- Simply access your personal profile page by clicking on the Profile(denoted by the picture of a character silohuette) button in the navigation bar. There, you will find your inventory. Clicking on items will equip and de-equip them.

8. I've changed my clothes, but my avatar hasn't changed at all. What's up with that?

- After you've equipped items in the profile page, be sure to click on the "save changes" button to the right of the inventory window. If that doesn't work, try doing a hard refresh on the page by pressing ctrl+F5.

9. I lost an item or gold. Where can I report bugs and other glitches?

- GAIA Online is not responsible for any lost items or gold, though please send any bug and error reports to and we will see what we can do to help.

10. I want to change my characters hair, eyes or skin color. What do I do?

- You will have to delete that character to start a new one. Your items and money will not be lost by deleting your character. Keep in mind that you cannot change the sex of your character. If you delete your character, your new character will remain the same sex as your old character.

11. Some items in the item database cannot be bought in the store. How can I find those items?

- There are some rare items that can only be found by a small percentage chance as you click on particular links. Others, we'll leave up to you to find out. Feel free to discuss anything you've learned in the GAIA Forums. ^_-

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Disclaimer & Copyrights:

AniHQ, Studio XD, and all affiliated developers of GAIA Online will not be held responsible for (1) any content generated by GAIA Online users/members or (2)content that exists through any links posted on the GAIA Online website.

AniHQ, GAIA Online and all images associated with GAIA Online are copyright 2003 AniHQ.

Gaia Online ¨Ï 2002 AniHQ

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