Gaia Gift Credits were credits which could be used as a replacement for gold in the Gaia NPC-run stores. The credits could not be traded to other users or be used to purchase things in the Marketplace. They could be purchased at the GStore in blocks of 2,000 Gift Credits per $1.00 (USD), in $1.00 (USD) increments. The Gift Credit system was discontinued upon the institution of Gaia Cash.

Gift Credits are a way for some users to contribute money to gaia and get something in return. They are similar to the Monthly Collectibles but they allow for standard items to be purchased instead of giving out a unique monthly item.

On January 25, 2017, Gift Credits returned in the form of GCash Giftcard.

Comparison to Monthly CollectiblesEdit

One Gift Credit is equivalent to Gold3.gif1g and $1.00 (USD) is equivalent to 2000 Gift Credits. While one Monthly Collectible costs $2.50 (USD). Comparing $2.50 (USD) in Gift Credits you get an equivalent to Gold3.gif5k. A Monthly Collectible usually starts off worth an estimate of Gold3.gif6k making it worth more than the Credits even though you may not get the full worth if the monthly collectible you get drops in value, but you can sell the Collectibles for gold that can be used outside the shops. But while the gamble of the Monthly Collectibles may be worth more than the Gift Credits, the Credits are good for someone new to Gaia or someone who just wants some basic items without needing to wait for the marketplace.

External LinksEdit

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