According to traditional belief, a Ghost is the soul or spirit of a deceased person or animal, taken to be capable of appearing in visible form or otherwise manifesting itself to the living.

On Gaia, Ghosts introduced with the release of a 2009 Collectible called the Will-o-the-Wisp. Later came the Love Charm which introduced a single ghostly musician. And during the Halloween 2k10 event. There were thirty total which was possibly to coincide with Halloween Night and Trick-or-treating. While the ghosts started off as dazed appreciations that typed in their own Gaia Journals, and even made friends with some Gaians, their mood quickly began to sour and talks of revenge circulated among them.



Due to the effects of chemical waste Byproduct 2113 being dumped onto the graveyard grounds of the formerly named, Peaceful Meadow Cemetery, those buried in the graveyard were trapped in the private hell of their slowly rotting corpse. This resulted in hostility and anger, but by setting them free they became more open and friendly.


The appearance of a Gaian ghost is that of a blue tint, giving off a glow that some associate with ectoplasm.


Halloween 2k10 guide pt2

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Halloween 2010Edit

It began when the chemical Byproduct 2113 was discovered to be draining into a nearby graveyard. William F. Drink, the founder of the now infamous OMNIDRINK showed no concern about this despite his son Michael J. Drink finding evidence of the damage the product caused.

On his own terms, Micheal set out to concoct an antidote and also tend to the graves of the dead. During the course of his new life as a gravedigger, he found love with a woman named Edith who would eventually become his wife but would tragically die years later. Micheal pressed on until he discovered the antidote, but did not factor in the true damage of Byproduct 2113.

He called up Gaians to unite and repel the ghostly invaders. However, this battle was an attempt to free the ghosts from their torment and corruption, therefore fighting them to set them free turned out to be the right thing to do.

Ghosts (referred to as Ghosties) were the enemy in the world of zOMG!. See zOMG! Halloween 2010 for further information.


NOTICE Profiles currently a Work In Progress. The contents below are from an announcement by Micheal. This contents presence is temporary. These brief profiles were assembled using the characters post history. The following threads and post may or may not be available after the event has passed.

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  • Although not a part of the events of 2k10, the ghost named Kaede made her debut with the release of the Chance Item, Love Charm. She appears to be a musician and haunts the school she resides in. She later made a return as a challenger with the release of the Hell Prison CI.
  • Arturo Robusto was the lead male of the romance novel "The Lusty Scoundrel", which was a Monthly Collectibles. Arturo appears to have died in a heat of passion.
  • Bigfoot is an obvious parody on Bigfoot, but the appearance of the character is seen in stage 4 of the Forteanagoria EI.
  • Bruce Hardcastle was once a sports commentator who debuted in 2008 during the Gaia Olympics. After death by potato inhalation in 2009, he was brought back to life for the Halloween 2k9 event which involved a clash between the Cult of B.O.O. and Cult of S.I.N.. He was later killed by Jack the King of Halloween.
  • Jay Brooks was the lone NPC from the now defunct Gaia Cinemas.
  • Mantis Sr. is a parody of the MAN companion series. Tagged as "creepy" in the Marketplace search the MAN companion is released from various Chance Items.
  • Pancakes is meant to be a humorous nod to the pancakes that were constantly being released from the Daily Chance, this was caused by a glitch.
  • Tia & Tamara were likely named after the characters from the TV series Sister Sister

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